Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Well we had an open house on our house in AR this past Sunday. It was a terenchal downpour so only 2 couples showed up. It has been a very discouraging process and yet I have felt peaceful about it all. These last few weeks have been a range of emotions that are sometimes in-describeable. It has been a strong period of growth for me and for Matt as we have moved, begun a new job, driven everywhere, and visited a new church. I know that God has a plan and if we are patient, and yet productive, that he will bring it before us.

We have several options that we are considering for the house. We are not sure if we will stay with our agent or if we will try to do by owner. We might also try to rent it out for a while till the market is better. But then that brings a whole slew of other issues. We are just in prayerful contemplation on what we need to do. We have decided that we are going to move into the city, though. I want to get the kids plugged into a church and get them around more kids their age. That way we can begin to make friends and feel more comfortable. I am currently looking at houses and apartments for rent in the surrounding areas. It is a fun and tiring experience. Especially when you don't know the areas too well. But the kids have had fun with me.

It has also been a growing time with my parents. Although ithas been difficult at times to live with them, the kids have gotten to know them better and I believe now have a relationship with them. There is a completely different experience when you move in with them. We have all grown and come to a higher level of understanding with each other.

On news with the kids:

Riely has been on her knees for a little while now. She has figured that she can go from the keeling position to the sitting position. I know crawling is around the corner. I am excited and yet a little sad. Knowing that this is the last time I will truly experience this. But God has truly blessed us beyond measure with our baby girl and I am pleased to have the opportunity to raise her in ther love of her heavenly father. She has a new carseat that I am going to install today. She kept wanting to sit up and look around. The infant carrier was jus tnot working. I will post a picture of her in it later.

Caleb is as crazy as ever. He has had the hardest time transitioning. He misses playing with kids his age and looks for them anywhere he is. We were in Wendys eating lunch yesterday and he was talking to a kid a little older than him. He was enjoying himself so much that when the kids had to leave Caleb almost started crying. It was in that moment that I decided we were moving into town to help him find friends at a church. He has had so much fun here though. He loves playing baseball, football or basketball with us in the evenings. He likes to walk down by the woods and listen for animals. He is getting a little more head strong but other than that he is doing well.

Ian has been growing so much. He is talking real good now and as always does what ever Caleb does. He has enjoyed plaing outside in the woods. I have gotten to spend a lot of time with him working on letters and numbers. We still choose to say every color is green but everynow and then will decide to name them correctly. If he gets in trouble then he gives you this grin that squishes his eyes and cheeks together to try and get out of it. Luckily for us it never does. But it does make you laugh when you eave the room.

I have started having "School" everyday. We do a lesson and devotional in the morning. Then we do a craft activity. They seem to like it and show off their work when Daddy and Papa get home. In the evening we have a reading marathon and the kids love that. We see how many books we can read in the half hour before bed time.

Well That is all for now. I will do better at updating and such. Look for pictures in the naxt day or 2...they will be there. ;)


Krista said...

It is about time that we hear from you. I am sorry that things are not going as planned, but when do they ever? God does have a plan and it will all work out.

Cauy asks about you every day. He asked to go to Ree's house this morning. I had hoped that it would've slacked off by now, but every morning on the way to PV, he says, "yeah Ree's house" and I have to tell him that Ree & Ian are still bye bye and that they will be back soon to see you and as we turn off to head toward 430, he yells "No Ree's House?" He knows which way to go to get to your house. Keep us updated!!!!!

The Bewleys said...

Glad to finally hear some more news. As for the rain, the rest of LR is desperate for it. I am sorry it drenched the open house. The perfect family is out there looking for your house right now. We're praying they find their way to it very soon! THanks for the update!!

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