Saturday, August 23, 2008

Opening Day!

Today was the Cubs first game of the season. They played the Cardinals. It was a great morning for a game- 80 degrees, cloudy and everyone was in a great mood!

*Warming up

*Team huddle

*Our Little Cub

*Caleb and Brandon. Brandon and Caleb are in the same Kindergarten class and sit at the same table.

*The coaches

* In the dugout, ready to play

*Caleb in his catchers gear: They rotate through 2 positions during the game and Caleb has been the catcher and left field

*Baseball Ready!

*Keeping his eye on the ball

*Up to bat (we were waiting on the catcher from the other team- he held his position for a few min)

*The swing (1 of 3)

*Running to second base

*Running home (Had to go back since it was a foul ball)

*Running home again- was a little confused since the t-ball stand was still on the base

*In the outfield

Caleb seems to really enjoy playing baseball. He isn't too fond of catching, but his coach seems to think since he has great balance that he would be great at catching. Caleb has been a good sport, and continued to catch. 90% of the time he hits the ball off the pitching machine. He has only hit of the tee maybe 4 times since we have been practicing till now. He will have games once during the week and then on Saturdays. They don't really keep score, but I think we would have won if they did! :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A week of Firsts, Celebrations and Fun

Well this last week was Caleb's first week of school. I know I Have said before, but they had a phase in week where he went to school Mon, Wed and Fri half day and then this coming week he will go the regular schedule. He was very excited about starting Kindergarten. His teacher is Mrs. Kohen, and one of the kids on his T-ball team is sitting at the same table. Matt, Ian, Riley and I all walked Caleb to class.

* Walking into his new school

*At his table

*Mommy and Caleb

*His name tag on his locker

Monday was also my first day back as well. Here are some pictures of my room. Matt was a life saver and patched all the holes that were in the walls and the SGA kids (student government) painted the walls for me to get service hours. It is not completely finished, but it is a great start. I have 16 kids in my class, which may not sound like a lot, but for CDC, that is really high!

Matt's birthday happened to be the Monday that we all started back to school so we were able to celebrate with Matt's parents who were in town to help us in picking Caleb up in the half day and keep him on Tuesday.

Here are some pictures of Caleb in his T-ball uniform. They got them this past week and he was really excited to try it on. He has scrimmages this week and then the games begin. I will put up some pictures of his first game over the weekend.