Thursday, July 31, 2008

4 baby teeth gone

This morning we headed to the dentist to have 4 of Caleb's baby teeth pulled. AS you can see from the picture below, the main reason was because a permanent tooth had come in behind his baby teeth instead of pushing them out. The second permanent tooth has broken through beside the other. Hopefully the teeth will move forward with out help. I have to say though, Caleb teeth have roots like mine. They are HUGE!!! I took a picture of them (below) and I'm not kidding when I say that his "I" teeth have massive roots. He was back there for a while and I have the proof of why it took so long. He is sleeping now and hopefully will not wake in too much pain. We have a script to fill that will help if he is. On another note- he has his first baseball practice tonight so look for pictures later!

His lip was numb so I had to hold it down so I could take a picture of his gums- I'll try to get a smile picture later once the numbness wears off!
Look at the roots on those I teeth! They went pretty deep into his gums. Let's hope we don't have to pull anymore!

A Noel Visit

We were so blessed to get the chance to spend the weekend with the Noel Family as they passed through Nashville. It has been way to long and we were all looking forward to spending some time with a few of our closest friends. Saturday morning, the kids had a blast waking up to see each other and eating together. Then we hung out to see if the rain would stop, and eventually made it to the adventure science center. It was fun! The kids loved the tower- there was a mechanical level, a body level, a music level, and when you climbed all the way to the top, you had an amazing view of the city. We also visited the body quest area and they seemed to like it. I think it will be more interesting to them as they get older. We skipped the Planetarium since it seemed the kids wouldn't sit that long. We might try it out later. On Sunday, after church we ate at the Rainforest Cafe. The kids had a blast. There are some days that I wished we still lived by the Noel's and our other friends, but we are blessed to be a stopping point for so many of them while they travel. Here are some pictures from our time together:

Eating a healthy breakfast of powdered do-nuts....while making jokes that they all found so silly and the adults laughed just because they were not that funny- but the kids thought they were stinkin' hilarious!
Playing the "Duck game" on PS3. The kids had a blast trying it out and cheering each other on.

Ian found a woman after his own heart. He and Emi played Dinosaurs a lot and they took care of the forest creatures. It was funny because our kids paired off together perfect.
We cannot forget the other member of the Noel Family- Jake (or Jakie as we call him here). I promise if the Noel's had decided to leave him here, Riley would have hugged him to death!
Claire and Caleb were pretty much inseparable. They sat together, they played together, they read books together, they even slept in the same bed (opposite ends, people!) Who knows what the future holds for these two.....but I will tell you we wouldn't mind the Noel's being in the family at all!!
Caleb got a little shy after this got planted on him- there was a look of disbelief and shock on his face the min after. Almost a look of panic of "What do I do". It was pretty funny...
Emi and Ian reading a bible story to the Dinosaurs.

I just realized that I don't have any of Allie and Riley playing together. Oh well, maybe next time. Matt and I were so glad that you all stopped by, even if it involved a trip to the ER and MapCo. For those of you who haven't heard, Tommy went to the ER and found out that he was passing a kidney stone while he was here. That was some pretty painful stuff there! We are so glad that we were able to get together and we hope that we will see more of you in the future!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

If you haven't checked in a few weeks.....

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beautiful faces

I was trying to get some shots of the kids to replace the old photo's that I have at school of them, and these are some of the great shots I got of them. I truly love my kids and am so blessed to have them in my life!

*Monkey # 1*
*Monkey #2*
*Monkey #3*
*My 3 little Monkey's*

Heath Time!!

A really good friend recently came to visit us. Heath was one of Matt's best friends while at good 'ole HU, and since graduating have kept in touch, thought not as much as either would like I am sure. Heath and his wonderful wife Rebecca were in town with part of their team heading to Rwanda. Teammates, Lori and David Kimbrow along with their 2 children, are sponsored by a church here in Nashville. Well on Sunday our crew loaded up and drove over to the send off. We were able to see Chris and Fred Shelby (Jill wasn't there due to the impending birth of their baby girl), David and Lori, and Heath and Rebecca. We were blessed later that day to spend time with the Amos Family for dinner and then while Rebecca stayed with a close friend, Heath crashed with us. The kids were SO excited to have Heather here. He even brought Star Wars and He-Man toys to play with. I am sure the boys would have hog-tied him and hid him from leaving if they had the chance! Matt and Heath were able to spend some late nights catching up and Monday together. I am so glad that we got to spend time with Heath, and we hopefully will see them once more before they leave in December.

Pool Time

We have been lucky that over the last few weeks we have gotten to enjoy our pool. No we don't have a huge one, but I bought an inflatable pool that we could all fit in. The kids have had a blast with it. They really enjoy the water and I am going to get them in swim lessons shortly. I'm so glad they are water bugs- so is there Mommy!

*Playing with the beachballs
*Riley pouring water for the puppy
*Practicing their kicking skills
*Pouring water into different containers

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pictures and updates took me a lot longer to put up some pictures than I had planned. We store our pictures in Kubuntu (operating system) and it went bezerk one day and I couldn't get it to work. We were lucky that we didn't loose any of our pictures. I have more pictures to download and get up here, but Matt is going to work on transferring all of the pictures over to his laptop and burning a cd so we have a back up. We are also looking at getting an external hard drive to keep the pictures on so we can load them up and spit them out! :) Hopefully I can get the new ones up here soon. Our friend Heath came for a visit this last weekend. The team that he is on will be departing for Africa in December and their team mates are funded through a church here in Nashville. We were able to be at the send off for them and were able to spend some time with Heath and his wife Rebecca. Matt and Heath were able to spend a full day together catching up and relaxing. I know Matt enjoyed that time with Heath. We are excited for them and can't wait to hear about all the wonderful work they will be doing. Matt and I are already talking about planning a trip to Rwanda in a few years. There is a link on the side of my blog that is for the Rwanda missions team if you are interested in meeting the team.

I have 2 weeks till school starts back up. The summer goes by way to fast! I am going to try and work in my new room this week and a little next, but I'm not sure that I will get a whole lot done. My friend Rebecca made me a deal, that if I help her paint her room she would help me paint mine. I think I might take her up on it! :) Ian and Riley will be starting pre-k the same time that I head back. Caleb will be spending a week with my mom while I have the "getting ready for the 1st day" days. It is kind of weird how they work Kindergarten around here. Basically they only go for a few days and some of those are half days the first week. They divide the number of kids and he may only go 2 or 3 days of that first week and at least half of that will be half days! It seems weird since he is so use to going to school every day. But I guess it is better for the kids who are having their first time away from home.

I hope that everyone has a great Monday and enjoy the posts that are of our 4th!

*I forgot to mention- I am working on our blog template so right now it's all white. There may be some experimental backgrounds that you will see over the next week- so get ready! :)

4th of July-Part 1

Every year the neighborhood that we live in has a 4th parade around the streets. The kids were really excited to decorate their bikes and the wagon. They did really well and waved to all the people on their porches and such. There were some people who decorated their tricks and trailers with huge displays. It was a ton of fun and the kids can't wait till next year. We met up with one of my co-workers, Carrie and her family. All of our kids are at the same pre-k, so they were really excited to see each other.

4th of July-Part 2

We had a great time at the Providence Market Place Fireworks Show. The local Christian station and Lifeway were the main sponsors for the event. There were local churches there that had set up bouncy things, and water slides along with several other fun things to do. We sat over in the parking lot for the fireworks. They had live bands that played the entire day. It was a blast and we will be back next year. On a side note- Riley is not a fan of fireworks yet! She hid in my chest the entire time. If I tried to move or lift her a little she completely freaked out. It was pretty funny. We were also down wind of the we got the great deal of having the ash hit us all over. Next year we will have to check the way the wind is blowing! :)

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Today, we made a trip to the Dentist. All 3 had their teeth cleaned and Ian got the panoramic and wing-bite x-ray's done. Since Riley is still under 4, she didn't get any x-rays and only had the dental hygienist brush her teeth. She was a little freaked out, but managed well. Caleb had the same trouble the first time he went, but has grown out of it now. After I got done with Riley I went to check on the boys, and they were completely finished!! They had their teeth cleaned with in 10 min! That is my kind of visit! :) After looking at their teeth, it was decided that instead of letting Caleb loose his 4 front baby teeth, we would have to pull them. One of his lower front permanent teeth, has already come in behind his baby teeth, so in order to give room to the other and hopefully allow that one to move forward, they must come out. And just so you know, the permanent tooth that has already come in is the size of 2 baby teeth- He has some major chompers!! He has no clue that in 2 weeks he will be getting them out, and I plan to keep it that way till right before. So Grandma and Papa Anderson will help me out and take Ian and Riley for 2-3 days (right before and after) so that I can concentrate on his needs (and gums). I am pretty sure that Riley and Caleb will have braces in the future. Ian- he may escape, but I highly doubt it. Both Matt and I had braces, so it seems to be in the genes. Let's hope it only takes a few years to get them straight!

So few pictures

Matt and I don't really have too many pictures of just us. One of us is usually behind the lens getting pictures of the kids. So I jumped at the chance to have our picture taken at the rehearsal. I know my Uncle Nick got a few more over the weekend- so I will post those as soon as I get them. We will be without kids for the next 2 weeks since I have professional development days and the kids will be at the grandparents houses. I plan on getting a bunch of pictures of just the two of us and I am so glad that we will be able to have some quality time together. I sure do love my husband like crazy!!!!

The Wedding weekend

Last weekend Ian was in my cousin Jessica's wedding. While I have no pictures of the actual wedding or photos from the professional pictures, I will be getting some soon from my Aunt and Uncle- I do have some random shots taken from the weekend and the reception. It was a lot of fun to see Jess and Tim married. Ian did a great job as the ring bearer. He had fun, especially dancing it up at the reception (see later pictures). I will post more as soon as I get the cd- but enjoy this little preview:

*Tina painting Riley's finger and toe nails- she was so excited!!
*Elijah and Ian burning some energy
*The happy Couple- Tim and Jessica Chaney
*All the cousins (Caleb, Ian, Riley, Emma, Elijah and Maggie)
*Caleb hugging Jess
*Riley and Jess
*Ian and Jess
*Ian showing off his dance moves to Maggie
*Ian and Maggie in the spotlight looking at/tying shoes