Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our Homeschooling Life

It still feels a bit funny to write that.  We are now 3 months into Homeschooling and we are loving it.  Not to say that we don't struggle occasionally, but all in all there are way more positives.  I kind of stressed myself out a few weeks ago thinking of all the things that they might not learn that the state says they should.  I was quickly corrected recently when I watched my kids working together and realized there are some more important things that they are learning together.

We haven't done much in Science/History realm because I wanted to get all the other things going and figured out first.  We will be starting that this month and I am excited!  I have some fun activities planned and I think the kids will enjoy them!  WE have bible study on Wednesdays so I am going to try and make that day a related arts day as well.  Learn about one composer/music work and do some art with Daddy.

Today we created fall trees to write about.  They had fun and even enjoyed the writing process.  I am excited to get more into that as we go.