Saturday, May 30, 2009

Just keep scrolling .....

I did a few (5) posts this evening. I have more that I know the grandparents are eagerly anticipating, so I will get them posted tomorrow. I have to get the pictures in a slide show, since there are so many of them. after tomorrow, I will be caught up on all the action here in our home. :) Long time coming on that one! The boys both have games tomorrow and starting Tuesday, Caleb will be in tourney mode, so we play every night till elimination. So, may be quite till next weekend and we are all done with games and school!

Look Who's Five!

My how time flies, and how quickly my children grow! What a blessing this little man is to our family. He keeps us on our toes, rolling on the floor and learning new disciplinary techniques. :) He will be starting Kindergarten in the fall and he is so excited! God blessed me with many smiles and hugs from my now big boy. I asked him if he would still be my baby the other day. His response? "No, Mom. I'm a big boy, but I will always love you- even when you are old."
Gotta love that boy!
Well, I decided to test my cooking abilities and try to make pizza dough. It turned out good, but I think I rolled it a little to thin. It was like a think crust pizza, but really good. The kids really enjoyed it and so did Matt and I. I am going to be attempting to make bread here soon, but thought I had better wait till school was out to attempt that feat! I may need a whole day to get it right!

Birthdays and Easter

We were blessed to be able to spend Easter up with our family in Indiana. We were able to celebrate Linda's birthday as well as Jake turning one! The kids had a blast and we enjoyed the time spent with family. At Jake's birthday party, since it was the weekend of Easter, Heather put together an egg hunt for all the kids. They had such a great time and so did we!

The Rays

Caleb is on the Rays this season, and these were pictures of his first game. The night before, his bike had slid out from under him, so he looked like he had been in a fight. They did really good and he was so excited. He is with several of the same kids that he was with in the fall. so that made it even better. Ian had broken his wrist the evening before, so he got to watch brother instead of playing in his game.

Playing Catch up

It has been so long since i blogged that I don't even know where to start! This time of year is insane, as school is almost out. I have gobbs of end-of-the-year paperwork and finishing up any IEP's (aka- Individual Education Plan for non- special ed people! :) ) for the next school year and the incoming Freshman IEP's, so I am pretty busy at the moment. But this is our last week!!!! I am PUMPED!
I applied for a transfer to Mt Juliet area schools since that is closer to us. I have an interview at an elementary school for a possible resource job. They are not positive that they will get it, but she wanted to go ahead and start interviewing. It is not where the kids will be going, but is only about 5-10 min away, so it is doable. I have lots of pictures to show, but am going to start with another post for those. Thanks for hanging with me as I get back into the blogging thing! :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yes.....We are still alive!

So it is the end of the school year and I am super busy! Plus make up baseball games from all the rain, school programs, field trips, birthdays, and so on.....I am WORN OUT!!!! I haven't uploaded pictures from Easter yet.... But I will work on it. Check back in 2 weeks when school is out! :) j/k- I will at least try to get Ian's birthday pictures up here.

For those of you who still check- thanks for not giving up on me. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

To all the AMAZING mom's out there...


no one ever told us that our hearts would be living outside out bodies, walking around- breathing. No one ever told us how much joy and pride we would feel, and how much hurt we could feel. But it is the greatest gift our Father could give us. he gave us the gift that would teach us more than we could ever teach them. Hug on your babies (young and old) and know that you are blessed!!

For all the mom's I have had the pleasure of knowing, and who have helped me in the early years, to now- thank you!! You are forever treasured in my heart...

Saturday, May 09, 2009's been a while

Man....Time sure does fly! Sorry for the long silence- We have been busy and going at top speed. I also had left my camera at Lee and Lindas on our last trip so, that also snagged me from posting. But I will be doing several this week, as the baseball fields are closed till the water receeds. :) We have already missed so many games, that we will be making them up well into June, or we will have games 3-4 times a week till the end of the season.

We are all alive, and well. I have only 3 more weeks till the end of school (YIPPEEE!!!!) and that cannot come fast enough. :)

Check back tomorrow or Monday for some new posts about the kids and all the fun we are having with life!