Thursday, March 19, 2009

Any Ideas?

There is a poor lone robin, that has for the last 4 days, been trying really hard to get through our windows in the office. I have no idea why, but she will head-but the window for about 5 min at least 50 times a day. She looks at me like I am nuts if I try to shoo her away.....Anyone got good ideas on how to teach her that she can't get in?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Look mom! No training wheels!

For some reason the pictures are loading backwards no matter what way I put them in the loader and I can't get them to move down so I can type before the start from the bottom picture and move on up! :)

Caleb has been working hard on learning to ride without training wheels. A few weeks ago he started getting good on his little bike. We had gotten him a bigger one for Christmas, but he was a little worried about riding it without the training wheels. Well when we got home from Indiana yesterday, Matt took the training wheels off the big one and we got him on it. These are pictures from his first try on the little bike and then of him riding on his big bike. We are still working on getting a smoother transition from standing to peddling and then stopping, but he is doing great!

The Princess and the Ladybug

During the spring and summer we get tons, i mean TONS of ladybugs. Well, two weekends ago, we found our first ladybug in the house and Riley was so excited. She wanted to hold him. So we made sure the boys didn't smash him and I put him on her hand. She was so happy till he decided to crawl. I wish I had gotten the shot of her face as he started moving, but alas, I was trying to save her from the ladybug. :) She studied him for about 5 min while he was still.

Spring Ball

Well we have officially started all the practices for the Spring season. I know the kids are super excited and we are staying busy. the boys usually have practice about 3-4 times a week. Once the games start (April) we will have 2 games a week (weekday and Saturday) and then maybe 2-3 practices. I took the camera to the kids 3rd practice and got some shot. Not too many of Caleb's, but a bunch of Ian's. Matt is helping to coach Ian's team (the Pirates) and helps with the practices of Caleb's (the Rays). We have had several practices back to back, so I see many more days coming with us being at the park for 4 hours straight. Riley has a blast at the park- watching the boys and playing in the dirt. I have enjoyed watching the kids play. Seeing the T-ball kids who many are just learning, to the older kids that have played for a few years. We will be taking Caleb to the batting cages here this week and on out to practice hitting. We got him a new bat, but he is swinging a little low, so we are going to practice and see if that helps, or if we need to get him a lighter one. He has several of the same kids on his team from last season and has the same coaches. That has been a blessing in itself that we already know many of the people he is working with. Here are a few of the pictures that I took at the practices. I threw in one of their bags hung up together and of their shoes- just scrapbooking shots for me! :) Some day soon, ballet shoes will be along side the cleats!


If you can't tell from the title- it is spring break here and we are pumped!! We traveled up to Indiana this past weekend to take some Clement Family pictures. It was fun and we got some really great ones of the kids. While we were up there we went the the Easter Passion at Southeast Christian Church (where Lee, Linda, Scott and Heather attend). It was pretty good. Definitely made you think about everything in general. The kids had a great time and so did we. Riley is still there for some "individual" time with the grandparents. The boys are already asking where she is and when she is coming home. Very sweet that they miss their sister. Caleb has practice tonight and we will be busy each evening with practices. With it being spring break, this was the time to cram all the practices in since the kids don't have to get up for school. I have a BUNCH of pictures to post and since someone made the comment to my hubs (ahem....Krista) that I needed to update- there will be many coming soon. I am also going to try to update pictures on facebook since I am unsure whether Krista meant here or on there. :) There will be more pictures of our spring break activities later too. We plan on hitting the playgrounds, the zoo and a few visits to friends! Hope you all are having a great week!