Saturday, October 25, 2008

Photos coming soon

Photos from our camping trip and Indiana photos will be coming soon. I was out from work yesterday sick as a dog (and have been all week). I will try to get them up today, as soon as I get on the home computer. Matt's laptop was up and running so I just jumped on there. Have a great Saturday!

Free Taste

We recently got a Dunkin' Donuts right down the street (YIPPEE!!!) and the Welch's had turned us on to their coffee a while ago. But you can plug in your info and get a free sample in the mail. Enjoy!!

Dunkin' Donuts. Dunkin' keeps me blogging. Try Dunkin' Donuts Coffee For Free. Get a Sample

Monday, October 13, 2008

Going Camping......

See you in a few days!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Apple Picking!

On Friday we headed out to Breeden's Orchard here in Mt Juliet to do some apple picking. The kids were so excited and Matt and I were looking forward to it too. It was the perfect day to go. There were only 2 other people in the orchard when we got there, so we pretty much had the whole back row to ourselves. We had to lay some ground rules before we sent them out (don't pick the apples of the ground, pick apples bigger than your hand and don't shake the trees). They did great! I think we had the baskets filled with in 10 min, and then we just wandered around looking at all the apples. When we got home we ate a few of them and they were juicy and tasted great. We got a ton, but the lady there told me how to store them for up to 6 months. So we are hoping it will work. They kids love to eat apples and I can do my grandma's recipe for apple squares and apple pie. We are going to take some camping with us and do baked apples in the fire- yum!! Enjoy the pics from our day

*Heading out to the trees*
*I LOVE this picture of the kids with Matt*
*I think she was having trouble pulling this apple off the tree*
*Doing some serious apple picking- Full concentration*
* I had pulled an apple off that still had leaves attached and Riley cleaned it up for me*
*Telling Mommy about the apples*
*Ready to eat apples!*
*Our haul*
All the trees int he back were loaded like this (thanks for the tip Carrie)*
*Heading back to the front to weigh our apples*
*This one was their size*
*The sun was pretty bright- I love Riley's face in this one*

Thursday, October 09, 2008

The fun begins

FYI: There are 3 previous posts to this one (Baseball, fall fun and Rough and Tough.....keep scrolling.......keep scrolling)

We have had a ton of fun so far on our break but all the real fun begins tomorrow. Matt is taking off for a few days and he will be with is for the next 6 days! YEA!!!!! We love it when Daddy is home with us. We are planning on taking the kids camping, apple picking, apple baking (after the picking), and a few local trips around Nashville. Then at the end of next week we are heading up to Lee and Linda's for the weekend. Matt, Lee and the kids will do a bunch of fun things on Saturday while Linda and I head to Archivers. We are doing an 11 hour crop! I am so excited!!!! I have my pictures all printed out and I am starting to set up my page ideas so I am set to go and can get a lot done. I have a few more that I am sending to Shutterfly to have them here in time for the weekend. To make the weekend even better, my husband bought me a rolling tote to help with organization! I am so excited to get it all packed and ready to go. The last time I went to a scrap thing, I carried a huge rubber maid tote. This will be so much easier. So I will be updating with Pictures over the weekend and after next week. Hope you all are enjoying Fall as much as we are!

Rough And Tough

We were at Books A Million the other day and the kids found some pretty cheap coloring books and Caleb's happened to have some Tattoos. So today after our showers we put them on. I had picked up some Tink ones for Riley for her birthday, but decided to open them now for her. When I took the pictures, none of the smiled- they were trying to be tough! :)

My 3 "tough" kids
Ninja Boys
Mikey and the gang
Ok- so my trying to be tough, yet sweet and innocent girl
Tink has the attitude in this one! :)

Fall Fun

We have been enjoying our Fall break! In reality, Caleb is the only one who still asks if he is going to school. I know the other 2 will not be to thrilled. :) A few days ago we had a beautiful fall day and the kids asked if I would rake the leaves in the front so they could jump in them. What could I do? I raked for about 20 min and the pile was destroyed in 2! They had so much fun- here are a few of the pictures I got.
Heading for the Pile
Oh the JOY!!
My 3 munchkins
One last toss of the mutilated leaves (Yes- somehow Riley managed to get her dress tangled Go figure!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Last Day of Baseball

Saturday was Caleb's last day of baseball. This being his first attempt at organized sports, I think he learned a tremendous amount.

It's amazing to see how technical he is. He loves to analyze things. From the position of his footing while batting, to when to turn his wrists as he swings through the ball. We've come to the conclusion that Caleb is our thinker (sometimes over-thinker) and Ian is our creative artist. Ian isn't a bad athlete himself, but he would rather 'just hit the ball' than think about HOW to hit it.

Here are some pictures I took during his last game.

Cub's Team. Caleb is in the front, far right.

Caleb playing outfield.

Not a bad stance.

I love the grunt here at contact. His arms aren't really where they need to be, but this was a triple.

Admiring his hit. May have made it home if he didn't.

This is where he ended up. He takes 'get your hands up and pump them when you run' quite literally.

This is by far Caleb's favorite and best position. He can field the ball well and make throws on line. His arm's not quite strong enough for short stop, but he owns second base.

This is my absolute favorite action sequence of Caleb.
1. Field the ball (notice the 'alligator' technique)
2. Once again, he does EXACTLY as he was taught. Point your glove at the target, step and throw.
3. The follow through.

Caleb's best friend, Brandon, is in the middle. They are in the same class at school too.

Caleb getting his trophy. He batted .667 for the season. That is off of a pitching machine NOT a tee.

And last but not least, behind every good ball player they are great fans!