Thursday, October 09, 2008

The fun begins

FYI: There are 3 previous posts to this one (Baseball, fall fun and Rough and Tough.....keep scrolling.......keep scrolling)

We have had a ton of fun so far on our break but all the real fun begins tomorrow. Matt is taking off for a few days and he will be with is for the next 6 days! YEA!!!!! We love it when Daddy is home with us. We are planning on taking the kids camping, apple picking, apple baking (after the picking), and a few local trips around Nashville. Then at the end of next week we are heading up to Lee and Linda's for the weekend. Matt, Lee and the kids will do a bunch of fun things on Saturday while Linda and I head to Archivers. We are doing an 11 hour crop! I am so excited!!!! I have my pictures all printed out and I am starting to set up my page ideas so I am set to go and can get a lot done. I have a few more that I am sending to Shutterfly to have them here in time for the weekend. To make the weekend even better, my husband bought me a rolling tote to help with organization! I am so excited to get it all packed and ready to go. The last time I went to a scrap thing, I carried a huge rubber maid tote. This will be so much easier. So I will be updating with Pictures over the weekend and after next week. Hope you all are enjoying Fall as much as we are!

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