Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Surgery went well

Caleb's surgery went well. When I woke up this morning, all of middle Tn was covered in snow and ice. The schools were closed and there were several serious wrecks already at 4:30. I called in to make sure my Dr had not called in and canceled the surgery and Caleb and I headed in. Our amazing and loving God cleared the roadways for us. The highways were clear and even the back roads downtown were good, frosty but passable. Caleb's surgery got bumped 2 hours so we got to play and watch the snow. They had a TV and video game system, so Caleb was pretty entertained. He went back and when the Dr came to talk to me, I was told that his adenoids were the second largest he has ever seen. They had to do a lot of shaving and then cauterized them to minimize the bleeding. WE are all home now and the kids are down for the count. And to be honest- so is this mommy!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Surgery, snow and ice- OH MY!

Sorry for the lack of updates on here. Matt and I were kid-less for a week and I just didn't update. Well I thought about it, but I was going into work early and staying a little late to get caught up on everything and to get started on several IEP's that were coming up. I think I got a little too much sleep while they were gone though. I am back to normal now and feel much better. While the kids were gone we were able to get together with Mike and Ann Lewis. It was so much fun and we truly had an amazing time. We were out sooooo late, and I still managed to get up at 4:30. The kids had a great time at Lee and Linda's, but I think they are glad to be home. They were up there for a week, and an ice storm hit while they were there. I think they were pretty entertained even though they had to stay inside. We went up and got them Saturday at Matt's cousin's birthday party. I was so happy to see them. Matt and I truly enjoyed our time together, but there is nothing like having your kids arms around your neck squeezing so tight and telling you they love you and missed you so much!

They have done fairly well heading back to school. I don't think they gave Lucy a moments peace once they got back. They will be out the rest of the week, but will be ready to go next Monday.

Tomorrow Caleb has his surgery. It is supposed to start around 7:30. Hopefully it will all go well. I know the last time he was under anesthesia, he had a terrible time coming out of it. They just gave Riley a "sleepy drink" so I am hoping that will be done for him too. Then after Caleb gets discharged, it is over to the pediatrician's office for an ear check for Ian. He has woken up the last few nights upset that his ear was hurting. I'm thinking it might be an ear infection. Then it will be home for sleep and soft treat for my big boy. Matt will be staying with him Thursday and then my mom is staying with them on Friday. I know the kids will like that- getting to see both grandmas in one week!

I may not even have to take a sick day tomorrow. it is sleeting and snowing right now and if they call off school I get to keep my day. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE is praying for another snow day. I kind of want it to wait till April since we don't have any days off then. This cold weather is conducive for me to loose weight. I wiggle more to stay warm and i don't eat as much and I actually drink more liquids. So far I have dropped 12 lbs! I'm hoping that I didn't gain any back the week the kids were gone. I didn't work out but I still watched what I ate.

Well I have to finish dinner and watch for my loving hubby to come home! Have amazing day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow Day - The Update

We had a blast out in the snow. We didn't stay out to long because the kids got cold pretty quick, but they had fun looking at it. The boys made snow angels and made mini snowballs. Riley was not really please with the whole thing. She slipped on the back porch area and that was the end of her fun. It was still snowing when we went out and the kids tried to catch snowflakes on their tongues, but they were not to successful. After our outside adventure, we drank some hot chocolate and snuggled to watch a movie. Naps were something that never actually happened, although there was a lot of pretend napping. Right now, the kids are pretending they are in Florida at the Alligator Farm. I think they are ready for warmer temps so they can play outside. We did make a Valentines cake and we will be making Daddy's favorite cookies here in a little bit. So far it has been a wonderful day. I have enjoyed feeling like a stay at home mom again (even if Riley did get up at 5:00 instead of letting Mommy sleep in!). Maybe it will freeze again tonight and we can do it all over again tomorrow! :)

Snow Day Pictures

The first glimpses of snow! :)

The boys would have run out right then.

Mini Snow Angel's (Ian)

Mini Snow Angel's (Caleb)

I could say that Riley was trying to make a snow
angel, but the reality is she fell and was in no way
happy that she was cold and wet!


We finally got a "snow day" today. Every time the surrounding counties are shut down, we have been open. I have a feeling that the central office got an earful after the last day we were not closed because the back roads were really bad and several of the buses were late because the had to go really slow on the ice. Either way- I'm happy to be home with the kids today! I got up and did my morning routine and then turned on the TV just in case they decided not to give us one. I was pretty happy when I saw "Wilson County - Closed" scrolling across the screen. There was mainly ice on the roads (back roads) so I think that is the reason, but when I looked outside a few minutes ago, it was snowing! The kids are so excited. I think we will get dressed and go see if we can play in it for a few min. I have to be a little careful, because I think Riley is getting a cold, and Caleb really does not need to get one. I cannot give him any meds that contain aspirin because of his surgery in 2 weeks. So we may go for a little while and then come inside to warm up with some hot chocolate. At least this day will help me get caught up on Laundry and get my Lesson Plans in my book. They are starting the 3rd round observations, so I want to make sure I have everything ready. I'll post some pictures later tonight. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Pictures as promised :)

I really took the following 2 pictures because I wanted it documented that my kids actually loved to clean. When we get done from dinner, if they see me get the cloth to wipe the table down, I get eager requests to do it. On this day I got the entire table (underneath too) and all the chairs scrubbed clean!

Ian and Riley have to "hop" on the table to help

Caleb loves to practice his handwriting. He asks just about every day to practice and do "homework". I had to document this just to one day say- "see you use to beg to do this and would cry if we were not able to!"

Showing off the finished product. I have had to change my style or manuscript from Dnealian to Zanier. Not to bad, I just have to concentrate when I am making out the sheets. I wish they would all stick to the same style. Every school (elm) here uses a different style. Kind of irritating!

Sorry that this one is sideways. This was our Tornado shelter. We had the kids sleeping in the closet under the stairs in the laundry room when the wind was crazy and we were not sure where the tornado was exactly. Ian and Riley were fussing over each other getting in the others space, but one they fell back asleep we were all good. They were snuggling then! Poor Caleb had the feet end of Ian and Riley's deal. Once they fell asleep he was able to get comfortable and drift off. At first when we brought them down, Caleb was upset because he thought he was in trouble and that is why we were making him sleep in the closet! We explained that he was not in trouble, but that the weather was really bad and we wanted to be safe and have them down here already, just in case. Matt and I snickered a little after that because it reminded us of Harry Potter. :) After about and hour and a half we moved the kids back upstairs and then I headed to bed since I had to work and give a state wide test in the morning. Matt stayed up till the storms were further to the east and then crashed. Needless to say we were all extremely tired the next day and evening.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Been a little too long

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been extremely busy this week. I had in-service hours to get in on Monday, Tuesday we had some really bad storms come through (more later), Wednesday I had to administer my first Gateway exam to our CDC students, and then Thursday we had Parent/Teacher conferences. So here I sit at the computer in a slightly dazed state, but loving listening to my kiddos playing upstairs.

I have some pictures of our "severe thunderstorm / tornado" hiding spot, but I have to upload them from my camera. We got pretty lucky that we only had severe winds and some bad rain. My cousin, Jessica, who attends Union University in Jackson TN was not so lucky. Her dorm is basically gone. We were all pretty worried and we relieved to hear that she was alive and not trapped along with some fellow students from her dorm. She was sore, but was only treated for minor scrapes, abrasions and such. Wednesday, her fiancee Tim, my Aunt Candy and Uncle Gerry made it into Jackson to see her and were able to take her home. So far she was only able to retrieve her wallet, laptop, bridesmaids dress she needs for a wedding she is in, and a blanket her mom made for her. All of her clothing is trapped under a leaning wall and they are not sure that she will be able to get to those or any of her other belongings. We are so thankful that she is OK and was not seriously hurt. What a way to end your senior year! There were several places all around us that were hit with tornadoes and I have several co-workers that were hit as well.

The kids will be hitting the birthday party circuit this week. We have one on Sunday and then more on through the weekend. Matt and I are looking forward to a break while Lee and Linda take the kids to IN for a week (in 2 weeks). I think we are gong to hit a nice restaurant to celebrate our anniversary. I'll update more tomorrow with pictures! Have a blessed evening with your families!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

7 years ...

On this day seven years ago I married my best friend, the love of my life, the man I knew would be the awesome Father that he has become and my perfect gift from God! Here we are today with 3 kids, and a few more gray hairs, but the love is still there and has grown more than ever. Matt- I love you and I am so blessed to have you as my life long companion. Thanks for helping me grow and for loving me through my faults and oddities. I love you with all my heart! Happy Anniversary!