Wednesday, February 13, 2008


We finally got a "snow day" today. Every time the surrounding counties are shut down, we have been open. I have a feeling that the central office got an earful after the last day we were not closed because the back roads were really bad and several of the buses were late because the had to go really slow on the ice. Either way- I'm happy to be home with the kids today! I got up and did my morning routine and then turned on the TV just in case they decided not to give us one. I was pretty happy when I saw "Wilson County - Closed" scrolling across the screen. There was mainly ice on the roads (back roads) so I think that is the reason, but when I looked outside a few minutes ago, it was snowing! The kids are so excited. I think we will get dressed and go see if we can play in it for a few min. I have to be a little careful, because I think Riley is getting a cold, and Caleb really does not need to get one. I cannot give him any meds that contain aspirin because of his surgery in 2 weeks. So we may go for a little while and then come inside to warm up with some hot chocolate. At least this day will help me get caught up on Laundry and get my Lesson Plans in my book. They are starting the 3rd round observations, so I want to make sure I have everything ready. I'll post some pictures later tonight. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy!! Have fun!! Take a break!! Send pics!! We're snowed in for the second day!