Saturday, February 09, 2008

Pictures as promised :)

I really took the following 2 pictures because I wanted it documented that my kids actually loved to clean. When we get done from dinner, if they see me get the cloth to wipe the table down, I get eager requests to do it. On this day I got the entire table (underneath too) and all the chairs scrubbed clean!

Ian and Riley have to "hop" on the table to help

Caleb loves to practice his handwriting. He asks just about every day to practice and do "homework". I had to document this just to one day say- "see you use to beg to do this and would cry if we were not able to!"

Showing off the finished product. I have had to change my style or manuscript from Dnealian to Zanier. Not to bad, I just have to concentrate when I am making out the sheets. I wish they would all stick to the same style. Every school (elm) here uses a different style. Kind of irritating!

Sorry that this one is sideways. This was our Tornado shelter. We had the kids sleeping in the closet under the stairs in the laundry room when the wind was crazy and we were not sure where the tornado was exactly. Ian and Riley were fussing over each other getting in the others space, but one they fell back asleep we were all good. They were snuggling then! Poor Caleb had the feet end of Ian and Riley's deal. Once they fell asleep he was able to get comfortable and drift off. At first when we brought them down, Caleb was upset because he thought he was in trouble and that is why we were making him sleep in the closet! We explained that he was not in trouble, but that the weather was really bad and we wanted to be safe and have them down here already, just in case. Matt and I snickered a little after that because it reminded us of Harry Potter. :) After about and hour and a half we moved the kids back upstairs and then I headed to bed since I had to work and give a state wide test in the morning. Matt stayed up till the storms were further to the east and then crashed. Needless to say we were all extremely tired the next day and evening.


Regina said...

I bet it's nice to have little helping hands after working all day and then feeding the family!

Michelle said...

We loved seeing the pictures. Claire looked at them with me and she is singing 'Caleb clement' over and over. :)

Anonymous said...

My grandchildren - how amazing. Thanks for these great updates. We thought about you all as we spent several hours watching the storm and spending part of the time in the basement. Love ya.

Amy said...

so glad the storms missed you! Can you email me your phone number so I can have it handy next time we visit?

MelissaT said...

Love that they love to clean! Hope it lasts for a long time :-)