Saturday, December 01, 2007

IT"S A BOY!!!!!

Nope- not us! You might recall that I leaked the news that my SIL, Heather was due in April. Well they found out earlier this week that is will be a boy! They are really excited and so am I. They have a name in mind, but Scott's brother and his wife are expecting and might use the name that Heather and Scott were thinking of, so they are in name limbo till after Feb. They are looking at all the "manly" boy things and trying to decide what to go with. As always keep Heather and "the boy" in your prayers.


keep reading down- I made a few posts today! There will be a few more tomorrow and then hopefully I will do better about keeping up on updating. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving '07

We spent Thanksgiving at my Parent's this year. It was relaxing and fun. Matt hunted quite a bit and got a spike on Friday. He saw a few more but decided that he would wait till next time to bag a few more. The day before Thanksgiving, Papa and the boys peeled and sliced the apples for my grandmas famous Apple Squares. The boys had a blast turning the peeler/slicer. They each got to do 6 apples. Then they helped separate the apples into a bowl and coat them with sugar and spices. I think they ate more apples than they actually got in the bowl, but I'll let dad be the judge of that. While the boys helped Papa, Riley was having some playtime of her own. Mom had brought a cradle and highchair from the preschool for her to play with. She had a ton of food that she got and Riley had so much fun! We could barely get her away from those toys!

This isn't a great picture of Caleb, but we had fun putting a Haunted House together. My Aunt Judy in FL had sent the kit to mom, but this was the first we had been there since Halloween. The kids had fun helping me get the icing everywhere and then putting the candies on it. I saw one the other day for Christmas, so I think I may get one of those for us to do together. Then we ate the house with ice cream for desert one day after dinner.

It's the first time my youngest has turned 2

Can you believe it? Crazy, I know! But it is true. I have always had another baby by the time my boys turned 2. I was a little sad- no more babies, but with Heather having one in April, I will get my fill. We had a really good party for her. Several of Matt's co- workers came by and my good friend Marcie and her husband (Matt) and daughter (Halen) were there along with our families.We even had our neighbor, Anniston, over for cake and ice cream. Matt and I got her some shirts and a little kitchen set. The grandparents covered the pots and pans and food. She also got a baby stroller and grocery cart. She had a blast with her friends.

Just a few things about Riley. There are times I think she is all boy instead of girl. But then she will love to play in dresses or snuggle and I just smile at her feminine side. She is beautiful. She really is. Her hair is so long and she has the prettiest eyes. I love it when she gets serious- she places her hands on your cheeks and looks into your eyes and talks oh so very slowly. She loves to help me cook, clean or anything that I am doing. She loves school and is never ready when I come get them all. She is full of surprises- you never know what will happen with her!

The day after these party pictures, she got tubes in her ears. She did amazingly well. We went to Vandy's Children's Hospital. It was quite entertaining when they gave her the meds to make her calm before they fully sedated her. She would just laugh at anything and nothing. When I came back to the recovery room, she snuggled up against me and drank like a gallon of juice. The nurses thought she was so funny. I kind of expected her to sleep most of the day, but yet again I was surprised. She only napped her normal time and never acted like she had surgery at all.

Lot's to blog about and such little time....

Here is is December 1st. I think I am officially the last person to post a picture from Halloween. The kids had a blast this year. It ended up being a tad cooler than I thought it would be so we had to modify the kids costumes a little. Caleb was Batman, Ian was Bobafett, and Riley was a witch. We walked all over our neighborhood and there were some really decorated houses. Everyone was so nice though. There were 2 areas that the kids got a little spooked. One house had this huge fake snake (Marti would have had a heart attack!) by the candy and Riley was a little freaked by it, plus they had spooky music playing and that got all the kids. Then there was a culdisac that was blocked off and they had all these areas of torture, but when they saw we had little ones, the teens left their areas and just hung out so the kids would freak. They boys were looking at the costumes and looking a little leery, so the teens either took their masks off so the boys could see them or they pretended to be scared of "Batman" or "Bobafett". The boys thought it was so funny to see the big kids running from them. We ended up dipping into the kids candy since we are a drop off neighborhood so we ran out fast!

At the beginning of November, Matt broke his finger playing flag football. We iced it through the evening, hoping the swelling would go down. Somewhere around 3 am, I heard Matt downstairs and went to see what was going on. His finger had swollen so bad that his wedding ring was cutting the circulation off, so out came the dremmel tool and off came the ring. It took a good amount of time to saw it off since it got hot real fast. Now, his finger has healed mostly. There is still an issue with his knuckle, but hopefully that will end soon. Here is the "end" of our early morning adventure.

No More Passy's

It is official! We no longer have passy's in the house!!!! Such a big accomplishment. I don't think we have been passy free in 4 1/2 years. Riley is still adjusting, of course. She still asks for it occasionally, but we are done. Hopefully the nights will get a little easier.