Saturday, December 01, 2007

It's the first time my youngest has turned 2

Can you believe it? Crazy, I know! But it is true. I have always had another baby by the time my boys turned 2. I was a little sad- no more babies, but with Heather having one in April, I will get my fill. We had a really good party for her. Several of Matt's co- workers came by and my good friend Marcie and her husband (Matt) and daughter (Halen) were there along with our families.We even had our neighbor, Anniston, over for cake and ice cream. Matt and I got her some shirts and a little kitchen set. The grandparents covered the pots and pans and food. She also got a baby stroller and grocery cart. She had a blast with her friends.

Just a few things about Riley. There are times I think she is all boy instead of girl. But then she will love to play in dresses or snuggle and I just smile at her feminine side. She is beautiful. She really is. Her hair is so long and she has the prettiest eyes. I love it when she gets serious- she places her hands on your cheeks and looks into your eyes and talks oh so very slowly. She loves to help me cook, clean or anything that I am doing. She loves school and is never ready when I come get them all. She is full of surprises- you never know what will happen with her!

The day after these party pictures, she got tubes in her ears. She did amazingly well. We went to Vandy's Children's Hospital. It was quite entertaining when they gave her the meds to make her calm before they fully sedated her. She would just laugh at anything and nothing. When I came back to the recovery room, she snuggled up against me and drank like a gallon of juice. The nurses thought she was so funny. I kind of expected her to sleep most of the day, but yet again I was surprised. She only napped her normal time and never acted like she had surgery at all.


Michelle said...

Okay, mostly, I just have to say that I am amazed by the hair! Riley's is so long! And the boys look so handsome! It really seems amazing how much they have grown. Claire was looking at these pictures with me this time. I don't know why I haven't thought to show her your blog before but she was just mentioning how different Caleb looks. She STILL talks about him if you can believe that. We miss you guys!

Amy said...

I thought of you guys when Bella turned 2...I probably always will. :) Bella does some of the same things as Riley. Somedays I think she will be a ball player (or a linebacker, actually) and others I think she will want to be a dancer like her sister... But she IS a climber. Great. Love keeping up with your blog! Happy Birthday, Riley!

The Channings said...

I haven't been by your blog in a while and am so glad to see all the updates you've done! I love Riley's birthday cake. Super cute!

Hope you guys are doing well. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Our Family said...

You know, I never thought about it until I read your blog, but THAT is why I was so sad during Braden's two year party. It's not only that he's the baby, it was my first time having a two year old party without one ONE-THE-WAY.

And I completely understand. I try to treasure all those little moments with him as you do with Riley. They grow up so fast, as we already very well realize!!

Love you