Saturday, December 01, 2007

Lot's to blog about and such little time....

Here is is December 1st. I think I am officially the last person to post a picture from Halloween. The kids had a blast this year. It ended up being a tad cooler than I thought it would be so we had to modify the kids costumes a little. Caleb was Batman, Ian was Bobafett, and Riley was a witch. We walked all over our neighborhood and there were some really decorated houses. Everyone was so nice though. There were 2 areas that the kids got a little spooked. One house had this huge fake snake (Marti would have had a heart attack!) by the candy and Riley was a little freaked by it, plus they had spooky music playing and that got all the kids. Then there was a culdisac that was blocked off and they had all these areas of torture, but when they saw we had little ones, the teens left their areas and just hung out so the kids would freak. They boys were looking at the costumes and looking a little leery, so the teens either took their masks off so the boys could see them or they pretended to be scared of "Batman" or "Bobafett". The boys thought it was so funny to see the big kids running from them. We ended up dipping into the kids candy since we are a drop off neighborhood so we ran out fast!

At the beginning of November, Matt broke his finger playing flag football. We iced it through the evening, hoping the swelling would go down. Somewhere around 3 am, I heard Matt downstairs and went to see what was going on. His finger had swollen so bad that his wedding ring was cutting the circulation off, so out came the dremmel tool and off came the ring. It took a good amount of time to saw it off since it got hot real fast. Now, his finger has healed mostly. There is still an issue with his knuckle, but hopefully that will end soon. Here is the "end" of our early morning adventure.

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