Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A time to be Bold

Since this is my blog I decided it was time for me to speak what is on my heart and mind.  :)

Most of the time I look like I am an extrovert- always happy, friendly- a real go getter.  I am those things, but I also need my own time, family time and quiet time.  Needless to say, the quiet time does not occour very often.  I am blessed that my amazing husband gives me time to do things that I enjoy, and even though I do not do them often- when I do, they leave me refreshed.  

This year has been a struggle for me.  Well- this school year.  Not just physically and mentally, but spiritually as well.  There have been days where I literally have just wanted to get out of there the moment that I got there.  My heart has been heavy and as hard as I try, there were many times when I couldn't feel Gods' presence or hear his voice.  When I felt that around every corner, was another attack from satan.  I have spent many hours in prayer , praying for big changes in my heart, mind and soul.  God has granted me these and I am grateful.  There are still days where something happens that gets me down, but they are far and few between.   I still feel restless, knowing that God has a bigger plan for me and for my family.  So I continue to pray and try to be still.  Hopefully sometime soon I will know where the path God has laid out for me is. 

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year Halloween fell on a Monday, so we tried to make it fun, but not go crazy on candy or staying up late.  I am certain the kids teachers were thankful for our efforts!  We started out the morning with Halloween donuts for breakfast- they kids were so excited since we don't do donuts very often.  After they got home from school, it was time to get ready.  Caleb was Shawn White, Ian a Knight, Riley was a bride and Jaiden was Tony Hawk.  They had so much fun.  Our neighborhood gets tons of traffic, so Jaiden rode in style (much to his pleasure!).  We had fun, and the kids racked up.  There were two houses that Riley refused to go up to with out Matt or myself.  One happened to be our neighbor (and Riley's K teachers house).  I had to laugh, because she had watched Mr. Koehn set it up and was excited to go, but then reality hit and even though she knew who it was, I went with her.  All in all the kids had a great time this year, and we successfully avoided the scary costumes for another year!

Honeysuckle Hill Farm (TONS of pictures, so be ready!)

My pictures do not do this place justice!!  Seriously- it was SO much fun!  The kids had a blast and we literally spend almost all day there!!  They had animals out, a hay bale maze (which my kids did over, and over, and over again!)  There was an awesome sand pit, a large jump pillow, tunnel slides (one massive looking one that my kids literally zoomed down), pumpkins, corn maze, the corn box (think sandbox but with corn), Cow train and a ton more.  Even with our large family, it was super affordable and worth every penny!We will definitely be making this a yearly trip. 

Ghouls at Grassmere

We had an amazing time at Ghouls at Grassmere at the Nashville Zoo!  We have never been, and we ended up going the weekend of Halloween.  I thought it would be insane, but we went of Friday evening and it was not busy at all!  It was pretty cold, so we we re all bundled up, and poor Jaiden's hands were chilly by the time we left.  They had Trick-or-Treat stations set up around the Zoo, and some of the animals were out.  There was a maze, Hayride, Dance area, Game tent and fire pit.  It was a ton of fun, and the kids really enjoyed it!