Saturday, January 26, 2008

Just wanted to do a little post on my kids. I got one of those compliments that you love to hear as a mom. We had stopped in to a teacher store here in Mt. Juliet and the lady who owns it knows us real well. I was looking around and the kids headed to the "play spot". She and I talked for little bit and she headed back up front. I wandered through the store and made my way upfront only to find her contently watching my kids with this little smile on her face. She couldn't get over the fact of not only how well they played together but how much older they acted. I was also amazed seeing as how we have been exceedingly hyper since the weather has been much too cold to venture outside for long to burn the excess energy off. There were little kitchen sets with tables that they played house with and then they were mail carriers with the letter boxes, next came the hot dog cook off on the grill and so on. It was so wonderful to watch my kids playing and having a wonderful time together. Any way we chatted as the kids played and laughed at the stories she recounted of kids playing gone bad in her store. Can I just say I was so glad they didn't tear anything to shreds!

The boys get along amazingly well about 90% of the time. The other 10% is them nagging each other and annoying the tar out of Riley. But they do have a protective streak in them when it comes to her. At times if only one is picking on her the other will come to her rescue and defend her (usually solely with Jedi skills). And she in turn will come to their aid if needed. Only she does a TON of screaming!! But I love that they love each other. I can only imagine how it will be as they grow older. I am sure that there will be many more fights and slamming doors, but hopefully there will be a ton of laughter and connecting moments between them.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Forgot to mention..

At the end of this month Caleb will be getting his second round of tubes in his ears and is adenoids taken out. We started noticing that he was asking for things to be repeated or he just wouldn't hear us, so a hearing test was set up. Basically they found out that there was unequal pressure on the inside of the ear so we need to get it balanced. Hopefully the removal of the adenoids will help as well. So please keep him in your prayers- that nothing happens before the surgery to hinder his hearing any more than it is now.

A lot to blog about (aka- long post ahead)

Just a warning- there are many pictures that follow. They are all in an odd order- not sure how that happened, so you will have to bear with me. I will try to put what is going on under each picture since they are not grouped well. I couldn't find the cable to my camera, but luckily the PS3 my husband got after Christmas came with a mini USB so I was able to use that to get all the pictures downloaded.

I'll start with Caleb's 5th Birthday. We had a great time with our neighbors and family. Caleb got some pretty cool stuff and he had a great time. I cannot believe that he is 5. Time really goes by when you are having fun. Could be that
o the next few updates shouldn't be as long, but will keep everyone informed on the going on's of the kiddos. I have 3 too! :) After Caleb's birthday came Christmas. We spent the first part of our break with The Clement side. We had a great time and enjoyed getting to see everyone. We opened up our presents the day we left to come home. The kids had fun and loved their time up in Indiana. We spent Christmas at home this year. It was our first in a while. I think we will be doing more of that. The kids are getting more to that age that we really want to start our traditions. They don't mind traveling, but I know they like being home. After our time at home, we went to my parents. Matt hunted and the kids and I just hung out. I don't have many pictures from Mom and Dad's, just cause I forgot to take them! :) The kids stayed with my parents while Matt and I headed back to work. I had in-service days and it helped not having to pay the daily rate for the preschool. We have somewhat gotten Riley's room done. I am still deciding what color to paint the walls, but she is LOVING her big girl bed. Next step that I tackle with her will be potty training. She refused to go over Christmas, but has begun asking to go again. I'll let you check out the pictures and will update on the kids and a few more things after you get what you all are waiting for!

There were none of them all smiling!
Riley experimenting with my makeup!
Pajama day at preschool
Caleb got money for his birthday and he got Riley this doll set- Riley had a blast with her daddy playing with it! Way to go daddy!
Some of Caleb's friends at his 5th birthday
The one gift he REALLY wanted for Christmas- a tool bench
Ian's one gift her really wanted: A really big gun (technically a star wars gun!)
A cradle for all of her babies
Opening presents with the family at Grandma and Pawpaw's house
All the cousins (minus the one in Heather's tummy) on Matt's side
Riley's new big girl bed
Playing Cootie
Yes- shooting the monsters with bananas
Playing Candy land

The kids are growing like weeds! I cannot believe that Ian will be 4 soon. It is crazy how fast time is flying by. We have been trying to play more games with the kids on the weekends and evenings. They are getting the concepts of loosing and such. We had a few melt downs when certain people didn't win, but one day we will get there. Today we took the kids to see "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" and they really enjoyed it.

In an effort to update more, I am mainly going to keep this blog about the kids. Here lately I have posted some of my thoughts, but I have begun to realize that most people check this blog for updates on the kids and not Matt and I. I am contemplating starting another blog that I can just have about things with work or my thoughts, but I haven't decided. My goal is to update 2 times a week. That way people won't think we all got swiped of the face of this beautiful earth, and no one said anything.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Biggest Looser

Sorry I haven't gotten the pictures up yet. Look for them this weekend. I have been crazy busy with the first week back. I have a 3 hour IEP (Individualized Education Plan - used for each student I have) meeting for twin girls from Moldova that I got on Monday. Then I have had more meetings all this week and have 3 tomorrow. SO I have been bogged down with paperwork and trying to get my student used to being back in the classroom. I went to the doctor today and was surprised that my blood pressure was normal. I thought it would be a little higher. I have also been really (I mean really) sore. I started my work out program last night and I was good till about 11 am today. Then my body started aching. But I pushed through and even added the cardio 2 work out tonight. I'm pretty sure I will hurt again. But if I can get my self in a routine I will start feeling better in the long run. I sure have been sleeping better. I have started the Biggest Looser Cardio Max DVD. It is really good and keeps you moving. After I get this one down I will switch it up to see if I can "maximize my results". I have to admit that I am pretty proud of my self for really kicking this one in high gear. I have always struggled with this goal and hopefully I can beat it this time. How are your goals coming along?

Friday, January 04, 2008


As most people do, I decided to make a few "New Year's Resolutions". While at work today I tried to decide what to choose. I am notorious for choosing my items and then never getting the time to follow through or I get bogged down at the "bigness" of them. So I took it easy and simple this year.

* I plan to read more. Not just fiction, classics or work related things, but I plan to read through the Bible and read more to my kids. I usually start reading through the Bible and get bogged down in the "____ beget____" parts. I have a small yet simple plan to keep me going. I read to my kids everyday, but I want to do more. I want to install the love of reading to them, make it fun and interesting.
* I truly plan to loose the weight that I have yet to loose each year! (Gulp- yes I put that in writing!!)
At work they have started the Biggest Looser contest and I joined in. I want it more for a lifestyle change. I eat healthy, yet sometime still take to large of a portion. I just want to be healthy no matter what weight that is at.
*I plan to pray more and spend more time in constant communication with God. I have actually gotten better with this one over the years (Thanks to Laura!)
* I plan to keep in touch with friends more. I let myself get bogged down in the everyday things and I let time slip away. Since we have moved, I have thrown myself into my family and work, leaving almost no time to tend to my friendships that I so dearly cherish. I will do better in making the time for each and everyone of you.

This last year was a turning point for me. We have now been living in TN for a year and a half. We are still struggling with finding a church home, but I have a peace that the end will soon come. Matt and I have both made friends at work and are working on growing those relationships. I have grown spiritually and God continues to teach me amazing things through my struggles since moving here. Tennessee now feels like home. I know my way around, and can usually give directions to a stranger and feel confidant. I know a lot of the back roads to get places. You know you are settled when you know 3 different ways to get to one place. :) The transition back to work actually went better than I thought and I truly enjoy working. Yes, there are days I miss staying at home with my children. But them seeing them having so much fun with their friends at school, and hearing 10 times EVERY night "are we going to school tomorrow- (yes you are now lay down and go to sleep)- YEA!! SCHOOL!!" gives me a sense of contentment. The students I work with are hard, yet I feel so at home there and have gotten back into the teacher mode, that every day no matter how bad it gets, is a wonderful day. Eating Lunch with my co-workers today just helped remind me how truly blessed I am. I have an amazing Husband who lovingly guides and encourages me to be a better woman, daughter of God, wife and mother. I have 3 amazing kids who keep me on my toes, put huge smiles on my face (some grimaces too) and remind me just how much I love them. I have wonderful friends (near and far) who can brighten my day with a smile or email (even if all it says is Hi). No matter the surprises that come this way in 2008, I can tell it will be a good year. The Lord has given me a place of contentment and even if he nudges me out, He will be guiding my every step.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Coming Soon

I will be updating and adding pictures this weekend. I hopefully will get started on re-arranging our blog and giving it a fresh look. I started back to work and had high hopes of getting some of it done while at school. Alas, the school system pretty much has everything I need to get on blocked. So I will try to get it done by Sunday.

We had a really good time with all of our families over Christmas. The kids had a blast and Matt and I enjoyed the time with our parents. We had a really good Christmas present that appeared at our door step last night. The Noels stopped by on their way home and spent the night. Our kids were still at my parents so the kids didn't get to see each other, but Claire is happy that we will be back in AR for Spring Sing. I was so happy to see these close friends of ours. It was a little touch of home. We miss them so much and it was so wonderful to catch up and just sit and enjoy each others company. Noel family- thanks for making my week! You all are so very special to us and I am so glad that we can still keep up with each other across the miles and that we are able to see each other every now and then.