Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Biggest Looser

Sorry I haven't gotten the pictures up yet. Look for them this weekend. I have been crazy busy with the first week back. I have a 3 hour IEP (Individualized Education Plan - used for each student I have) meeting for twin girls from Moldova that I got on Monday. Then I have had more meetings all this week and have 3 tomorrow. SO I have been bogged down with paperwork and trying to get my student used to being back in the classroom. I went to the doctor today and was surprised that my blood pressure was normal. I thought it would be a little higher. I have also been really (I mean really) sore. I started my work out program last night and I was good till about 11 am today. Then my body started aching. But I pushed through and even added the cardio 2 work out tonight. I'm pretty sure I will hurt again. But if I can get my self in a routine I will start feeling better in the long run. I sure have been sleeping better. I have started the Biggest Looser Cardio Max DVD. It is really good and keeps you moving. After I get this one down I will switch it up to see if I can "maximize my results". I have to admit that I am pretty proud of my self for really kicking this one in high gear. I have always struggled with this goal and hopefully I can beat it this time. How are your goals coming along?


Lindsey said...

Good for you girlfriend!! I love hearing about other people's exercise motivates me! Our goals are going well too - of course, we are only 3 weeks in to January...let's hope everyone's resolutions are still on track at this point!

{Karla} said...

I am beginning to follow through on some goals of mine. Baby steps...

also in Nashville