Saturday, January 19, 2008

A lot to blog about (aka- long post ahead)

Just a warning- there are many pictures that follow. They are all in an odd order- not sure how that happened, so you will have to bear with me. I will try to put what is going on under each picture since they are not grouped well. I couldn't find the cable to my camera, but luckily the PS3 my husband got after Christmas came with a mini USB so I was able to use that to get all the pictures downloaded.

I'll start with Caleb's 5th Birthday. We had a great time with our neighbors and family. Caleb got some pretty cool stuff and he had a great time. I cannot believe that he is 5. Time really goes by when you are having fun. Could be that
o the next few updates shouldn't be as long, but will keep everyone informed on the going on's of the kiddos. I have 3 too! :) After Caleb's birthday came Christmas. We spent the first part of our break with The Clement side. We had a great time and enjoyed getting to see everyone. We opened up our presents the day we left to come home. The kids had fun and loved their time up in Indiana. We spent Christmas at home this year. It was our first in a while. I think we will be doing more of that. The kids are getting more to that age that we really want to start our traditions. They don't mind traveling, but I know they like being home. After our time at home, we went to my parents. Matt hunted and the kids and I just hung out. I don't have many pictures from Mom and Dad's, just cause I forgot to take them! :) The kids stayed with my parents while Matt and I headed back to work. I had in-service days and it helped not having to pay the daily rate for the preschool. We have somewhat gotten Riley's room done. I am still deciding what color to paint the walls, but she is LOVING her big girl bed. Next step that I tackle with her will be potty training. She refused to go over Christmas, but has begun asking to go again. I'll let you check out the pictures and will update on the kids and a few more things after you get what you all are waiting for!

There were none of them all smiling!
Riley experimenting with my makeup!
Pajama day at preschool
Caleb got money for his birthday and he got Riley this doll set- Riley had a blast with her daddy playing with it! Way to go daddy!
Some of Caleb's friends at his 5th birthday
The one gift he REALLY wanted for Christmas- a tool bench
Ian's one gift her really wanted: A really big gun (technically a star wars gun!)
A cradle for all of her babies
Opening presents with the family at Grandma and Pawpaw's house
All the cousins (minus the one in Heather's tummy) on Matt's side
Riley's new big girl bed
Playing Cootie
Yes- shooting the monsters with bananas
Playing Candy land

The kids are growing like weeds! I cannot believe that Ian will be 4 soon. It is crazy how fast time is flying by. We have been trying to play more games with the kids on the weekends and evenings. They are getting the concepts of loosing and such. We had a few melt downs when certain people didn't win, but one day we will get there. Today we took the kids to see "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" and they really enjoyed it.

In an effort to update more, I am mainly going to keep this blog about the kids. Here lately I have posted some of my thoughts, but I have begun to realize that most people check this blog for updates on the kids and not Matt and I. I am contemplating starting another blog that I can just have about things with work or my thoughts, but I haven't decided. My goal is to update 2 times a week. That way people won't think we all got swiped of the face of this beautiful earth, and no one said anything.


laura said...

Marie... great job updating! The pictures were great! I can't believe Riley's hair has gotten so long, she is such a precious little girl and man the boys are getting so big! Hope all is going well as you get back in the groove of school after Christmas break!

Anonymous said...

I feel we have somehow lost a little of our spiritual contact, but I love reading your feelings about how your life is going. I should respond more frequently, and I will try to do that. You are always in my prayers as I read what you are facing in your life.

I love you.

MartiMichelle said...

I am one of the few who do want to hear how you are doing but also want to read about the kids. two blogs is fine with me though. LOVE hearing about all of you! don't forget to keep pictures updated every couple of weeks too! :) love you. miss you. pray for you. :)

Amy said...

I too read for not just the kids. I like to keep posted on you and Matt too:) If you start a new blog, I'll just add it to my list!