Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Starting Anew

Kind of a weird title, but it is meaningful to me.  As crazy as my life is and as busy as I am, this blog takes the back seat.  Not that I mind family comes first. But at the same time, I need an outlet and this blog will become it.  With the looming end date for my job, the glorious prospect of homeschooling, and the needed list of things to accomplish before the start of next year...I need a place to talk, ask and remember.  I have stated that I am starting over a lot on here...but this is a bit different.  I know I won't update all the time, and I won't always have fun things to say or do.  But I hope that I can chronicle this process of becoming.  Becoming the woman, wife and mother that God wants me to be.  There are  a ton of ways that God is stretching me, molding me and challenging me to search.  I love that, I love that I am still growing.  This blog will be the place to stretch, to learn and to grow.  It will still be loaded with pictures of the kids and updates on our family- that is all part of me becoming. 

Thursday, February 02, 2012

I did it

Today I took that leap of faith, today I trusted fully in the assurance that God will provide.   

Today- I turned in my notice at work.  This will be my last year teaching at MJMS.  I love what I do and who I work with , but Matt and I decided that this was the time for me to stay home, AND to homeschool our kids next year.   We are very excited about this new phase of our life and I cannot wait till Summer!

New Year- New Me

I love the start of a new year!  I always feel refreshed and even though I don't do "resolutions", I do set some goals.  For years I have had goals, that in reality I never accomplished.  Some that feel by the wayside with in a few weeks.  Some I stuck with, but didn't see results, so they fizzled out.  I love to have goals, as it gives me something to strive for.  This year, as in years past, I set some goals to better me.  But the main difference this year is that these goals are simple.  I didn't go all out and crazy and specific- I believe that is where my downfall usually is.  I get to specific, and when I don't reach them, I give up.  I also decided to post them on here to remind me.  To remind me of what changes I want to make in my life, in my family's life, in my marriage and in my relationship with my children, family and friends.  So- without further goals for 2012 (you know you are excited to read them!)  :)

1) Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes:  This seems like a duh moment, right?  In years past I have always stated to loose weight.  Who am I kidding??  4 kids later, my body is not the same and will never be that pre-kid size/shape again.  So now my goal is to be healthy.  To make good choices in food and exercise.  No diet here.  We eat fairly healthy, but we can still improve.  This is a family change too.  Not just for me, but for my entire family.  For us all to be healthy and active.  I want my kids to grow up making good choices.

2)  Read every day:  Here is the kicker.  I am going to read 3 chapters out of the Bible, and then read what ever else I want.  I want to make sure that I am in the Word each day.  I will confess right here that I am not doing that right now.  I  don't take the time to read God's Word, but I do read other things.  His Word needs to be first!

3)  Take a Sabbath:  Yep- you heard me.  I don't think I ever really rest.  As a mom/wife/teacher I am always doing something.  Each day I am cleaning, working and trying to keep it all together.  But I need to rest as well.  My body and mind need that rest, that time to recharge.  Now...can I do it for a whole day straight?  Probably not, especially in the season of life that I am  in, but I can do a few hours here and there.  

4)   Take intentional time for Matt and I:  This is a no brain-er.   We spend time with each other, but taking the time to occasionally get away for the weekend, and to go on dates more often.  Not just one on one time after the kids go to bed.  My marriage is top priority, and I want to make sure that I am putting all I can into Matt and I.