Monday, April 28, 2008

Updates and 3 posts of photos!!!

They boys love to play together. I got lucky the evening that I was getting some pictures after their haircuts (see previous post) and got some really good ones of them together. This one was a good one since they were Spider-man and Venom. One morning as we were getting ready for school the boys wanted to take some pictures. Well at 5:50, there is not much to take pictures of and since Riley was having a bad hair day and woke up a tad grumpy, Mommy got to play model. They actually did a really good job. Now if this mommy could look a little better, they would be perfect! :)
Caleb's shot
Ian's Shot
Just looking outside

Can you tell who the favorite is??????


We had company over a few weeks ago to visit with Brett and April Emerson while they were home on furlough. One of the couples, Amy and Charlie had a newborn son and Riley was completely IN LOVE with this child. She wanted to hold him and started at him. She rubbed his head for a little bit and he fell asleep. She kept looking at me and Matt and asking if she could have one. It almost- ALMOST, made me want another one, just to see her do that again!

The boys got their summer cuts about a week ago (I know, I'm late in posting pictures. I posted the b-ball video before these!). They had been begging to get their hair cut like Daddy's, so we finally gave in. They love their new looks. They went to Lebanon with me on a day they all had appointment's, Rebecca (a great friend) about died, because she loved their hair. She always wanted her boys to have Ian's hair. There is a picture below that has both boys hair in one pile- let me tell you- it was massive!! Riley was not too happy that she couldn't get her hair cut like the boys. I am struggling with getting it cut. I love how long it is, but I know she wants to get her hair cut so bad. I may try to cut it around the time she turns 3. I suppose it has to happen at some point! :)

My boys new Do's

Random Photos

Our budding Rock Star- He loves to rock out with Daddy
Caleb was playing and singing Ian was doing percussion sounds and Riley
was the Groupie wiggling along
Miss. Rock Star
Looking at the snail Mommy found- she is not to fond of bugs!
Coloring on a Rainy Day

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008

Keep scrolling down- there are 3 new updates ! More to come soon.. ;)

Promised Picture of Jake

My precious nephew, Jacob! isn't he just adorable! Jake and Heather are doing great. Kait was a little worried about going near Heather, but once all the "hook-ups" are gone I'm sure she will feel more secure. Linda said that he was such an easy going baby and that he just chills out with everyone. Hopefully I'll get to see this little man soon. Riley cannot wait to snug on him either!
Just posting some random pictures from the earlier part of this month/end of Feb. Every other month or so, we take the kids to the toy store and let them pick out a toy. Caleb chose a guitar (which he loves), Ian an Army Helicopter, and Riley a My Little Pony Doctor Kit. They had so much fun playing with them. Even now a month later, they are enjoying them. I have also really started potty training with Riley. For Christmas she got some underwear (oops....panties- underwear is for boys!) and she has so much fun picking them out herself. She is doing really good at school and there are several days we go the whole day with a dry pull-up. So I think by the summer she will be good and hopefully we can knock down the pull-up budget! :) I was going to put a picture in here of her in the Pony panties, but for the sake of the male readers out there, I didn't.

Great News!

2 wonderful things happened today. the most important is the fact that we have a new nephew!! Jacob Scott Stewart was born early this morning! I am awaiting a picture to post on here with his stats, but keep looking. I'm going to bug my MIL to get me a picture, since mom needs her time with Jake (yes I will be calling him that!!) :) I am way excited and cannot wait to meet him!

The next important thing is that I was re-hired for the 2008-2009 school year. I had already been told I would be coming back quite a while ago, but when you don't have tenure, you get a little nervous regardless what your principal tells you. There were 4 teachers let go this year and several that are being transferred to other schools. There was one gentleman let go, that we were all surprised on. He is having a hard time dealing with it and I would ask your prayers for him. His name is Franklin. I am not quiet sure what I will be teaching. We are restructuring the CDC department and that means up-heaving everything!! But I think it will be a great move in the right direction. I will either have 10th grade (which I teach now) or I will have the Gateway CDC class. Basically I would have all SPED CDC students that are able to take the state wide assessments, and spend the majority of my time teaching then the test material. If you want a regular ed diploma, you have to pass a Biology, Algebra and Writing Gateway exam. There has only been one CDC student to pass any of those exams in the last 6 years. Since they count against us, the admin is wanting to try and get them ready to pass the test. It is really daunting to know that I have to lay the base for teaching then algebra. Most come to me not being able to multiply!! But I am always up for a challenge. It would mean trying to teach Writing, Algebra (and the previous content needed), Biology and Life Skills. But I know if that is what my task is that God will help me formulate a plan that will fit each of my students. So for another year I will continue to be a Lebanon Blue Devil.

Oh one more really exciting thing! There is gong to be a daycare/preschool at Lebanon next year! So Ian and Riley will be at school with me while Caleb will start Kindergarten at Elsie Patton in Mt. Juliet. Matt and I both decided that the kids would not be attending their home school of Lakeview. We got really bad feelings just from certain things that we observed and made the decision to look at the elementary schools in MJ. Since they will be at the HS in Mt. Juliet, it made sense to us to get them in a school there. One of the perks of working in the same county!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Hard to say....

As much as I hate to type these words, I must. Little Ethan Powell lost the fight with cancer this morning. My heart aches for Ben and Becky. I cannot fathom their emotions right now, nor will I try. There is a link to the website if you want all the details, and Ben said they would continue to post for a few days. Please, please, please say a prayer for this family. Only God can give them the comfort they need.