Monday, April 28, 2008

Updates and 3 posts of photos!!!

They boys love to play together. I got lucky the evening that I was getting some pictures after their haircuts (see previous post) and got some really good ones of them together. This one was a good one since they were Spider-man and Venom. One morning as we were getting ready for school the boys wanted to take some pictures. Well at 5:50, there is not much to take pictures of and since Riley was having a bad hair day and woke up a tad grumpy, Mommy got to play model. They actually did a really good job. Now if this mommy could look a little better, they would be perfect! :)
Caleb's shot
Ian's Shot
Just looking outside

Can you tell who the favorite is??????


Regina said...

Nice pics! The last one with the kids all cuddled around Matt is so cute. :)

laura said...

I think the pictures of mommy turned out beautiful! The boys are getting so big... they look so different with their summer haircuts :) just like daddy!