Saturday, June 27, 2009

Here we go again.....

Well for those of you who know us- you can take a decent guess at where this is going and get it right! :) We found out this week that we are expecting #4. Huge shock to us. But since God has seen fit to bless us with a fourth, we will enjoy these times. After my c-section, we will be making sure this is the last one for us. Any further c-sections are risky and for the safety of myself and our family, an additional surgery will happen.
We are growing excited and if my allergies would cooperate, I wouldn't be sick at all. :) Lovely allergies. Our due date is early Feb, but since they normally do c-sections at 38 or 39 weeks, it may be the end of January. At least this time the kids are older so I will have LOTS of helpers. :) If you will say a prayer for us as our family grows and changes.

Monday, June 22, 2009

My First Attempt

I think my first attempt at homemade bread turned out pretty good. We will be eating some for dinner tonight. I almost tried it after I made it, but decided to wait for Matt. I got a little worried when I was making it, since the power went off right towards the end. But it all worked out (just left the door shut and let it bake for an extra 5 min). I got this recipe from Stacey, and I have 2 more of hers to try. I just have to get a few ingredients. I have to admit, I was nervous going into this, but it was pretty easy and I enjoyed the work. Plus, my home smelled heavenly while it was baking! :) I will post another picture once I make the other one. That will be sometime next week. It looks a tad more complicated- so I will need some quiet time, and since the kids will be at my in-laws, that will be the perfect time to try it for the first time.

Football Camp

The boys were able to attend Football Camp this year. Every year the HS Football team (Coaches and players) teach kids K-8 the techniques for playing. They boys really enjoyed it. Little Miss and I would drop them off and then pick them back up. They slept really good the next few nights. They played on the field and in the indoor commons area. Outside on the field, they had 6 stations set up that everyone rotated through. So they learned the positions, and what each one does. They had many, many drills for agility and speed. Each kids got to try kicking and throwing. Inside, they had an obstacle course that they boys enjoyed. You had to run, jump, do sit-ups and push-ups. They kept saying their legs and stomach hurt :) I told them it was building muscles, so they lived through it. Enjoy some of the pictures from Camp. :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Short Update

Not much going on here. My oldest is with his grandparents, and we have a friend staying the weekend with us. I haven't taken any pictures so there is not much to post. I will try to get some here soon, and get them posted for you. I do have pictures from football camp that the boys attended.

I am also thinking of making this blog private. the more I think about it the more I am certain I would like to do that. I will let you know when I decide. :)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Do you ever wonder?

Have you ever wondered what God is trying to teach you at certain stages in your life? There is a ton going on here, and I am wondering what I am being taught. Patience is one, I know. Trust in Him is another. I am trying to learn more about Him and the kind of mom he has planned for me to be. I am learning a lot, but at times feel a little overwhelmed about it all. But then I realize, that is where He is teaching me to lean on him and trust him- fully. Amazing how I keep having to re-learn this lesson. I keep pulling back the reigns of my life and trying to control it. Maybe this time I will learn it for good, and not try to take it all over.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Ian's first game of the season (FINALLY!)

As you all know, Ian broke his arm at the beginning of the season, so he has missed a lot of games. We were not sure if he would be able to play at all, but one they took the cast off we decided to let him play. He has played about 3-4 games now and even got a game ball at his last one on Sunday. He is super proud of that one and LOVES to play!! I think we are going to move him up to the pitching machine next year. He hits it off the t really hard and he already can hit it when it is pitched. I think that will be a good level for him.

Kindergarten Celebration 2009

Wow! This year has flown by for Caleb. Seems like it was just yesterday, when we were dropping him off for his first day of school! His excitement has not waned. He is still loving school and enjoys every min of it. We attended the first ever Kindergarten Celebration at EPE. At EPE, they use Covey's 7 Habits as a leadership model. It has been so neat to see how what Caleb has learned at school transfers to life in general. Mrs. Koehn, Caleb's teacher, read a poem that made all the mom's cry, and then as I watched my first born walk up to shake her hand and get his award, I realized, that I need to toughen up for his senior year!!!! I was all teary eyed and trying to to cry. She has been an amazing teacher and I pray that Ian has her next year. All the K teachers put together a binder that has work from the entire year. It is amazing to look at how he has grown and how much he has learned. Saturday we get his work binder along with his report card. I know he is excited about going to 1st grade. My baby's first year of school is completed. Way to go Caleb!

Pre-K Graduation 2009

The Learning Center where Ian and Riley go, held their Awards/Graduation ceremony Thursday evening. It was so neat to see them up there singing and showing us all they had learned that year. Ian received the awards of "Lost in Space" and "Little Devil". The lost in space was in reference to his daydreaming and to the fact that he will replay a whole Star Wars scene in his head while he is supposed to be listening. He received the little Devil award as LHS's mascot is the blue devil. Riley aptly received the Most Outgoing award and Drama Queen reward- no explanation needed. :) We had great time celebrating their year!