Monday, June 22, 2009

Football Camp

The boys were able to attend Football Camp this year. Every year the HS Football team (Coaches and players) teach kids K-8 the techniques for playing. They boys really enjoyed it. Little Miss and I would drop them off and then pick them back up. They slept really good the next few nights. They played on the field and in the indoor commons area. Outside on the field, they had 6 stations set up that everyone rotated through. So they learned the positions, and what each one does. They had many, many drills for agility and speed. Each kids got to try kicking and throwing. Inside, they had an obstacle course that they boys enjoyed. You had to run, jump, do sit-ups and push-ups. They kept saying their legs and stomach hurt :) I told them it was building muscles, so they lived through it. Enjoy some of the pictures from Camp. :)

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