Friday, March 30, 2012


Wow.  That is all my overloaded brain can say at this point.  Who knew there were so many options to homeschool curriculum??  It is nice to have so many options!  My free time at work and at home (some nights) are spent looking at the different options.  Since I will be homeschooling 3 different grade levels, I am trying to find a science and social studies/history curriculum that I can spread across the grades.  So far, there are some good options.  I am getting more and more excited as I start to map out our year (what days we are going to "do" school), order curriculum,  and prepare out home.  These next 9 weeks cannot go fast enough for this gal!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

30 Day I come!

Here comes the fun time of spring!  The weather is warming up (rather quickly here) and I have a goal to complete before summer.  To kick off my goal, I am going to start Ms. Jillian's killer work out.  Fun times (and sore muscles) are in my future!  If you happen to be driving by my house and hear a horrible sound, it will be me- keep on driving!  :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

My "Duh" moment of the week

At this moment, I am eagerly waiting for my kids to get home.  They have been at their grandparents for the week.  Even though I have gotten so much accomplished, I miss them terribly.  I have, however noticed one thing: I needed this week, this break. Yes- I just admitted it.  

I needed time to rejuvenate (and clean!).  I think every mom needs it whether they realize it or not.  I usually don't realize it, but this time I did.  As I cleaned, I let the tension out, I prayed, I sang, I rejoiced in the fact that my children's grandparents love to have them with them.  I loved having a solid conversation with Matt, that was uninterrupted.  I relished having the undivided attention of my husband (between basketball games of course- it is March!).  I enjoyed just sitting, relaxing and watching movies that we hadn't seen because of the kids.   I feel more of me, more ready to take it all on- to take what ever is thrown at me, and to handle it with grace instead of stress. 

I plan on making more of an effort in this area.  To do something for me each week.  Whether is is creating scrapbook pages, reading at a coffee shop, retail therapy (with the husbands permission, of course!), or exercising.  I think in the long run, I will be a better mom, wife and friend if I make myself a priority every now and then!