Tuesday, May 06, 2008

One week of 3

This week, there are only 3 of us here at the house. Matt is having a great time at the Java conference in CA, and Caleb is spending some one on one time with Lee and Linda. That leaves Ian, Riley and myself home. We have been fairing OK, with daddy and Caleb gone. Ian has been a model citizen at preschool with out the brotherly conflict, and Riley has been completely undone at times for missing her daddy. She saw a truck like Matt's today when we left the park and she about busted my eardrums since she got her self in a panic that I was leaving Daddy behind. We have been keeping pretty busy though. Yesterday (Monday) we went to Opry Mills and walked around. WE visited the book store and picked out a few to read. Then they got to pick one to buy and take home. They had so much fun and behaved wonderfully!! Then today we went home and changed and met one of my co-workers, Carrie, and her 2 children who are in pre-k with the kids. We hit the park for a quick walk and then let the kids run amok on the playground. They had a blast and are already asking to go again.

Daddy, if you are reading this, we miss you and can't wait to talk to you and see you on Saturday!!

Caleb- have fun at grandmas and we miss you bunches!!!

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