Friday, January 04, 2008


As most people do, I decided to make a few "New Year's Resolutions". While at work today I tried to decide what to choose. I am notorious for choosing my items and then never getting the time to follow through or I get bogged down at the "bigness" of them. So I took it easy and simple this year.

* I plan to read more. Not just fiction, classics or work related things, but I plan to read through the Bible and read more to my kids. I usually start reading through the Bible and get bogged down in the "____ beget____" parts. I have a small yet simple plan to keep me going. I read to my kids everyday, but I want to do more. I want to install the love of reading to them, make it fun and interesting.
* I truly plan to loose the weight that I have yet to loose each year! (Gulp- yes I put that in writing!!)
At work they have started the Biggest Looser contest and I joined in. I want it more for a lifestyle change. I eat healthy, yet sometime still take to large of a portion. I just want to be healthy no matter what weight that is at.
*I plan to pray more and spend more time in constant communication with God. I have actually gotten better with this one over the years (Thanks to Laura!)
* I plan to keep in touch with friends more. I let myself get bogged down in the everyday things and I let time slip away. Since we have moved, I have thrown myself into my family and work, leaving almost no time to tend to my friendships that I so dearly cherish. I will do better in making the time for each and everyone of you.

This last year was a turning point for me. We have now been living in TN for a year and a half. We are still struggling with finding a church home, but I have a peace that the end will soon come. Matt and I have both made friends at work and are working on growing those relationships. I have grown spiritually and God continues to teach me amazing things through my struggles since moving here. Tennessee now feels like home. I know my way around, and can usually give directions to a stranger and feel confidant. I know a lot of the back roads to get places. You know you are settled when you know 3 different ways to get to one place. :) The transition back to work actually went better than I thought and I truly enjoy working. Yes, there are days I miss staying at home with my children. But them seeing them having so much fun with their friends at school, and hearing 10 times EVERY night "are we going to school tomorrow- (yes you are now lay down and go to sleep)- YEA!! SCHOOL!!" gives me a sense of contentment. The students I work with are hard, yet I feel so at home there and have gotten back into the teacher mode, that every day no matter how bad it gets, is a wonderful day. Eating Lunch with my co-workers today just helped remind me how truly blessed I am. I have an amazing Husband who lovingly guides and encourages me to be a better woman, daughter of God, wife and mother. I have 3 amazing kids who keep me on my toes, put huge smiles on my face (some grimaces too) and remind me just how much I love them. I have wonderful friends (near and far) who can brighten my day with a smile or email (even if all it says is Hi). No matter the surprises that come this way in 2008, I can tell it will be a good year. The Lord has given me a place of contentment and even if he nudges me out, He will be guiding my every step.


Carris Family said...

Good for you! I will be praying for you and for great success in 2008! I wasn't brave enough to make any official resolutions but am really looking forward to reading through the Bible again this next year! Molly

Our Family said...

Not sure what to say to that except I hope you are successful and go to bed feeling a peace over what you've committed too, and I'm rooting for you. I need to read more to our children too! I'm really bad at that!