Thursday, January 03, 2008

Coming Soon

I will be updating and adding pictures this weekend. I hopefully will get started on re-arranging our blog and giving it a fresh look. I started back to work and had high hopes of getting some of it done while at school. Alas, the school system pretty much has everything I need to get on blocked. So I will try to get it done by Sunday.

We had a really good time with all of our families over Christmas. The kids had a blast and Matt and I enjoyed the time with our parents. We had a really good Christmas present that appeared at our door step last night. The Noels stopped by on their way home and spent the night. Our kids were still at my parents so the kids didn't get to see each other, but Claire is happy that we will be back in AR for Spring Sing. I was so happy to see these close friends of ours. It was a little touch of home. We miss them so much and it was so wonderful to catch up and just sit and enjoy each others company. Noel family- thanks for making my week! You all are so very special to us and I am so glad that we can still keep up with each other across the miles and that we are able to see each other every now and then.


Neva said...

So glad to see you back--missed ya

Hope 2008 is absolutely wonderfully amazing for you.


Michelle said...

Thank you so much for letting us stay with you. It was so refreshing to get to visit. We really enjoyed ourselves and you made us feel so at home. We can't wait to see you this spring! :)