Saturday, January 26, 2008

Just wanted to do a little post on my kids. I got one of those compliments that you love to hear as a mom. We had stopped in to a teacher store here in Mt. Juliet and the lady who owns it knows us real well. I was looking around and the kids headed to the "play spot". She and I talked for little bit and she headed back up front. I wandered through the store and made my way upfront only to find her contently watching my kids with this little smile on her face. She couldn't get over the fact of not only how well they played together but how much older they acted. I was also amazed seeing as how we have been exceedingly hyper since the weather has been much too cold to venture outside for long to burn the excess energy off. There were little kitchen sets with tables that they played house with and then they were mail carriers with the letter boxes, next came the hot dog cook off on the grill and so on. It was so wonderful to watch my kids playing and having a wonderful time together. Any way we chatted as the kids played and laughed at the stories she recounted of kids playing gone bad in her store. Can I just say I was so glad they didn't tear anything to shreds!

The boys get along amazingly well about 90% of the time. The other 10% is them nagging each other and annoying the tar out of Riley. But they do have a protective streak in them when it comes to her. At times if only one is picking on her the other will come to her rescue and defend her (usually solely with Jedi skills). And she in turn will come to their aid if needed. Only she does a TON of screaming!! But I love that they love each other. I can only imagine how it will be as they grow older. I am sure that there will be many more fights and slamming doors, but hopefully there will be a ton of laughter and connecting moments between them.


Allison said...

Wow - your kids have gotten so big! The boys are so handsome. It's hard to believe that's really Caleb and Ian (weren't they just babies yesterday?!!) And Riley - what a doll! I think she and Madigan would have a lot of fun together. We really miss you guys. Glad everything is going good for you!

Anonymous said...

Its good to see and hear about my nephews and niece! They are precious. All of you are miss up here in Indiana! Give hugs and kisses to all!

Aunt Heather

Amy said...

So cute! Riley is adorable and really looks like her Mommy! Ian and Caleb are cute as can be and it is a real blessing they get along as often as they do! We're happy for you both!

Anonymous said...

Yikes, my grandkids are growing up!! How cute are those pics! Thanks for sharing about their lives with us.
Love ya all!

Michelle said...

What beautiful children you have and what wonderful memories to cherish forever!

Lindsey said...

Omigoodness - your daughter is gorgeous! I had a smile on my face as I listened to you describing your children playing together. I think as a parent (a mom specifically) there is not a whole lot that is more rewarding then seeing your children showing love to one another - what a blessing that is!!! I'm glad you were blessed by the moms need to get pats on the backs sometimes and I'm sure that was a HUGE "pick-me-up"!

Lindsey said...

lol - I put "listened" instead of "read"....I get so in to these posts that it's as if I'm hearing you tell the story instead of me just reading a post! :)

MelissaT said...

Awe...your little Riley is such a doll. She's so pretty just like her Mama :-)

We have that shirt she's wearing, too!