Friday, February 08, 2008

Been a little too long

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been extremely busy this week. I had in-service hours to get in on Monday, Tuesday we had some really bad storms come through (more later), Wednesday I had to administer my first Gateway exam to our CDC students, and then Thursday we had Parent/Teacher conferences. So here I sit at the computer in a slightly dazed state, but loving listening to my kiddos playing upstairs.

I have some pictures of our "severe thunderstorm / tornado" hiding spot, but I have to upload them from my camera. We got pretty lucky that we only had severe winds and some bad rain. My cousin, Jessica, who attends Union University in Jackson TN was not so lucky. Her dorm is basically gone. We were all pretty worried and we relieved to hear that she was alive and not trapped along with some fellow students from her dorm. She was sore, but was only treated for minor scrapes, abrasions and such. Wednesday, her fiancee Tim, my Aunt Candy and Uncle Gerry made it into Jackson to see her and were able to take her home. So far she was only able to retrieve her wallet, laptop, bridesmaids dress she needs for a wedding she is in, and a blanket her mom made for her. All of her clothing is trapped under a leaning wall and they are not sure that she will be able to get to those or any of her other belongings. We are so thankful that she is OK and was not seriously hurt. What a way to end your senior year! There were several places all around us that were hit with tornadoes and I have several co-workers that were hit as well.

The kids will be hitting the birthday party circuit this week. We have one on Sunday and then more on through the weekend. Matt and I are looking forward to a break while Lee and Linda take the kids to IN for a week (in 2 weeks). I think we are gong to hit a nice restaurant to celebrate our anniversary. I'll update more tomorrow with pictures! Have a blessed evening with your families!

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