Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Surgery, snow and ice- OH MY!

Sorry for the lack of updates on here. Matt and I were kid-less for a week and I just didn't update. Well I thought about it, but I was going into work early and staying a little late to get caught up on everything and to get started on several IEP's that were coming up. I think I got a little too much sleep while they were gone though. I am back to normal now and feel much better. While the kids were gone we were able to get together with Mike and Ann Lewis. It was so much fun and we truly had an amazing time. We were out sooooo late, and I still managed to get up at 4:30. The kids had a great time at Lee and Linda's, but I think they are glad to be home. They were up there for a week, and an ice storm hit while they were there. I think they were pretty entertained even though they had to stay inside. We went up and got them Saturday at Matt's cousin's birthday party. I was so happy to see them. Matt and I truly enjoyed our time together, but there is nothing like having your kids arms around your neck squeezing so tight and telling you they love you and missed you so much!

They have done fairly well heading back to school. I don't think they gave Lucy a moments peace once they got back. They will be out the rest of the week, but will be ready to go next Monday.

Tomorrow Caleb has his surgery. It is supposed to start around 7:30. Hopefully it will all go well. I know the last time he was under anesthesia, he had a terrible time coming out of it. They just gave Riley a "sleepy drink" so I am hoping that will be done for him too. Then after Caleb gets discharged, it is over to the pediatrician's office for an ear check for Ian. He has woken up the last few nights upset that his ear was hurting. I'm thinking it might be an ear infection. Then it will be home for sleep and soft treat for my big boy. Matt will be staying with him Thursday and then my mom is staying with them on Friday. I know the kids will like that- getting to see both grandmas in one week!

I may not even have to take a sick day tomorrow. it is sleeting and snowing right now and if they call off school I get to keep my day. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE is praying for another snow day. I kind of want it to wait till April since we don't have any days off then. This cold weather is conducive for me to loose weight. I wiggle more to stay warm and i don't eat as much and I actually drink more liquids. So far I have dropped 12 lbs! I'm hoping that I didn't gain any back the week the kids were gone. I didn't work out but I still watched what I ate.

Well I have to finish dinner and watch for my loving hubby to come home! Have amazing day!

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