Thursday, October 09, 2008

Fall Fun

We have been enjoying our Fall break! In reality, Caleb is the only one who still asks if he is going to school. I know the other 2 will not be to thrilled. :) A few days ago we had a beautiful fall day and the kids asked if I would rake the leaves in the front so they could jump in them. What could I do? I raked for about 20 min and the pile was destroyed in 2! They had so much fun- here are a few of the pictures I got.
Heading for the Pile
Oh the JOY!!
My 3 munchkins
One last toss of the mutilated leaves (Yes- somehow Riley managed to get her dress tangled Go figure!


Andrea Manor said...

Riley is adorable! they're all cute, but she is just precious! Looks like lots of fun.

Amy said...

I love the tattoo pics! Your kids are adorable! I miss them (and you)!

Michelle said...

Marie, I was just telling Tommy what an awsome photographer you are! Those fall leaf pictures are wonderful! And I LOVED the tough tattoo pictures. So Cute! Thanks for the great pics. :)

Carris Family said...

These pictures are ADORABLE!! I am sure you will treasure them for a long time!! Molly