Sunday, October 05, 2008

Last Day of Baseball

Saturday was Caleb's last day of baseball. This being his first attempt at organized sports, I think he learned a tremendous amount.

It's amazing to see how technical he is. He loves to analyze things. From the position of his footing while batting, to when to turn his wrists as he swings through the ball. We've come to the conclusion that Caleb is our thinker (sometimes over-thinker) and Ian is our creative artist. Ian isn't a bad athlete himself, but he would rather 'just hit the ball' than think about HOW to hit it.

Here are some pictures I took during his last game.

Cub's Team. Caleb is in the front, far right.

Caleb playing outfield.

Not a bad stance.

I love the grunt here at contact. His arms aren't really where they need to be, but this was a triple.

Admiring his hit. May have made it home if he didn't.

This is where he ended up. He takes 'get your hands up and pump them when you run' quite literally.

This is by far Caleb's favorite and best position. He can field the ball well and make throws on line. His arm's not quite strong enough for short stop, but he owns second base.

This is my absolute favorite action sequence of Caleb.
1. Field the ball (notice the 'alligator' technique)
2. Once again, he does EXACTLY as he was taught. Point your glove at the target, step and throw.
3. The follow through.

Caleb's best friend, Brandon, is in the middle. They are in the same class at school too.

Caleb getting his trophy. He batted .667 for the season. That is off of a pitching machine NOT a tee.

And last but not least, behind every good ball player they are great fans!


Amy said...

Great Job Caleb!

This post screamed "Proud Dad"! :-)

Marie said...

Doesn't it! He is one proud Daddy! :)