Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Look mom! No training wheels!

For some reason the pictures are loading backwards no matter what way I put them in the loader and I can't get them to move down so I can type before the pictures....so start from the bottom picture and move on up! :)

Caleb has been working hard on learning to ride without training wheels. A few weeks ago he started getting good on his little bike. We had gotten him a bigger one for Christmas, but he was a little worried about riding it without the training wheels. Well when we got home from Indiana yesterday, Matt took the training wheels off the big one and we got him on it. These are pictures from his first try on the little bike and then of him riding on his big bike. We are still working on getting a smoother transition from standing to peddling and then stopping, but he is doing great!

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Michelle said...

Great job Caleb! We have always been amazed at how well he picks up on that kind of stuff! How big he is getting!