Thursday, July 31, 2008

4 baby teeth gone

This morning we headed to the dentist to have 4 of Caleb's baby teeth pulled. AS you can see from the picture below, the main reason was because a permanent tooth had come in behind his baby teeth instead of pushing them out. The second permanent tooth has broken through beside the other. Hopefully the teeth will move forward with out help. I have to say though, Caleb teeth have roots like mine. They are HUGE!!! I took a picture of them (below) and I'm not kidding when I say that his "I" teeth have massive roots. He was back there for a while and I have the proof of why it took so long. He is sleeping now and hopefully will not wake in too much pain. We have a script to fill that will help if he is. On another note- he has his first baseball practice tonight so look for pictures later!

His lip was numb so I had to hold it down so I could take a picture of his gums- I'll try to get a smile picture later once the numbness wears off!
Look at the roots on those I teeth! They went pretty deep into his gums. Let's hope we don't have to pull anymore!


Indie said...

I had to have a bunch of teeth pulled when I was a teen because the baby ones had super long roots. Luckily the big ones didn't try to come in until the baby ones were out.

Melissa said...

Poor baby! Hope he's not scarred for life with regard to the dentist. I probably would have been.

Leah Tomlinson said...

OUCH!! Poor guy, that looks painful. My goodness, your weren't kidding when you said big roots. Hope he is doing ok and that the tooth fairy was good to him.