Friday, July 25, 2008

Heath Time!!

A really good friend recently came to visit us. Heath was one of Matt's best friends while at good 'ole HU, and since graduating have kept in touch, thought not as much as either would like I am sure. Heath and his wonderful wife Rebecca were in town with part of their team heading to Rwanda. Teammates, Lori and David Kimbrow along with their 2 children, are sponsored by a church here in Nashville. Well on Sunday our crew loaded up and drove over to the send off. We were able to see Chris and Fred Shelby (Jill wasn't there due to the impending birth of their baby girl), David and Lori, and Heath and Rebecca. We were blessed later that day to spend time with the Amos Family for dinner and then while Rebecca stayed with a close friend, Heath crashed with us. The kids were SO excited to have Heather here. He even brought Star Wars and He-Man toys to play with. I am sure the boys would have hog-tied him and hid him from leaving if they had the chance! Matt and Heath were able to spend some late nights catching up and Monday together. I am so glad that we got to spend time with Heath, and we hopefully will see them once more before they leave in December.

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mudpuppy said...

I have this sudden urge to play some Spades.