Friday, July 25, 2008

beautiful faces

I was trying to get some shots of the kids to replace the old photo's that I have at school of them, and these are some of the great shots I got of them. I truly love my kids and am so blessed to have them in my life!

*Monkey # 1*
*Monkey #2*
*Monkey #3*
*My 3 little Monkey's*


MartiMichelle said...

LOVE the new picts! What I see is clement, clement, anderson. :) They are getting so big! In my head I know everyone else's kids will grow up as mine do but when you don' see this happening over time it seems weird for them to have changed so much! Keep the pictures coming . . and the updates. We love them down here in AR. Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Oh Rie! You kids are SO beautiful!
I have GOT to come see you!
When does your school start?
Maybe I can come up there one day soon for the day. or even overnight... -Kimmie