Thursday, July 03, 2008


Today, we made a trip to the Dentist. All 3 had their teeth cleaned and Ian got the panoramic and wing-bite x-ray's done. Since Riley is still under 4, she didn't get any x-rays and only had the dental hygienist brush her teeth. She was a little freaked out, but managed well. Caleb had the same trouble the first time he went, but has grown out of it now. After I got done with Riley I went to check on the boys, and they were completely finished!! They had their teeth cleaned with in 10 min! That is my kind of visit! :) After looking at their teeth, it was decided that instead of letting Caleb loose his 4 front baby teeth, we would have to pull them. One of his lower front permanent teeth, has already come in behind his baby teeth, so in order to give room to the other and hopefully allow that one to move forward, they must come out. And just so you know, the permanent tooth that has already come in is the size of 2 baby teeth- He has some major chompers!! He has no clue that in 2 weeks he will be getting them out, and I plan to keep it that way till right before. So Grandma and Papa Anderson will help me out and take Ian and Riley for 2-3 days (right before and after) so that I can concentrate on his needs (and gums). I am pretty sure that Riley and Caleb will have braces in the future. Ian- he may escape, but I highly doubt it. Both Matt and I had braces, so it seems to be in the genes. Let's hope it only takes a few years to get them straight!


Michelle said...

Wow! Losing teeth already! That is amazing! What a big boy! I can't believe it is already happening! I think I might cry when Claire loses her first. It just makes them seem so big. But it is exciting at the same time. :)

Melissa said...

How scary for such a little guy to have teeth pulled. I'd keep it a secret too! I hope your summer is going well and is not slipping away too fast!