Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tent Time

The kids had a great time yesterday when we went on a wagon ride to the park. Caleb was a big boy and rode his bike most of the way there while Ian and Hadyn rode in the wagon. Riley girl was strapped to me but facing out to see the world. They had fun on the playground and met some new friends that live about 2 min from the Welch's. Caleb was great in taking turns and made sure the other kids had their turn before he took his. Apparently Matt and I are doing something right! :) Hadyn fell asleep on the way home and was not pleased at all when I made her wake up to eat. Then later the Caleb and Daddy made a tent in Daddy’s office. He was really excited in showing it off. After nap we moved the tent into the living room so there was more room to play. Caleb and Ian made a book room under one chair and then a toy room under another. I remember having so much fun playing in the tents my parents made for me. It was neat to watch them have that same fun. Riley really wanted to join in but decided that laughing at all of us was more fun! Nichelle Terry had her squealing and rolling at church this evening. We were in the education bldg and you would have thought the walls were going to crumble from her noise level! Everyone was laughing right along with her. She has been sitting in the chairs in class. Her toes barely reach the floor but she loves it. Tonight was Garrett’s first time at church. I was thoroughly disappointed that I didn't get to hold him but they are coming over tomorrow so Emma can play with the boys. I will get my time with him then! He is growing so fast. Just love the color of his skin- wish I had been born with a great tan!
We will be heading out to Kentucky and Tennessee on Saturday. I know our families are excited to see us. We are glad to get to see family we have not seen in a while. Will finally get to see Heathers belly!! In about 5 months I will be an Aunt! I am way excited if you can't tell!


Anonymous said...

Marie - thanks for doing this. I check it everyday. It is so exciting to see a new tidbit about my grandkids (and kids too)!

Krista said...

Looks like the boys are having fun. Cauy was asking about Ian this morning. I think he is ready to play with his friends again. See you Sunday.