Monday, April 17, 2006

Hoppy Easter

Easter was fun for all of us. The Easter Bunny came early for our kids. He came to our home on Saturday after dinner this year. Since Matt and I teach on Sunday mornings we wanted to make sure that we made it there on time. So they got their treats early. Then on Sunday they got to do an Easter Egg hunt during Bible Hour. It was fun. We got to head out first for the 3 and under group. They could each get 5 eggs and then the older kids would start their hunt. Matt and Caleb did good and racked up the goods. Ian saw so many eggs he wasn't sure where to start. He got his 5 and kept looking for a baseball egg. Then after the big kids came out he found a bunch of empty eggs and was so escited to get them. At least he doesn't care about the inside stuff yet! Needless to say we are in the "Candy Moderator" mode. Every 2 seconds I hear "Can I have some Candy?....I reeeaaally want some candy". Pretty cute. But we don't need some hyped up kids- they are that way on their own already. Hope everyone had a great Easter!

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