Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mothers Day

Today was a wonderful Mothers Day. I am probably the only woman in the world that was really excited to get exercise equipment on Moms day! ;) But I am so excited. I can finally start working out to loose all the baby weight. I am so happy. Hopefully it won't wake Matt up in the morning. But he will get use to it- He'll have to!

Today CAC had their graduation. The kids and I didn't make it to the actual ceremony but we went to Mandy's party. It is hard to believe that she is now a high school graduate. I am sad that we will not be here to watch her go through college and eventually get married. But I hope that we will still get to see her and talk to her through out her life. The boys LOVE her! In church this morning Caleb saw a girl with blonde hair and said "there is Mandy. I want to see her. I want to give her a hug". We told him that wasn't her and he was not too pleased. At her party Riley showed her exactly how much she loved Mandy- she snuggled, she cooed, she puked on her. Thats right- Nailed Mandy almost in her mouth and down the front. If Mandy hadn't closed her mouth in time there would have been other issues. Needless to say that made everyone laugh (even Mandy had a great sense of humor). Mandy's brother Matt, her Uncle Jeff and her brother-in-law Scott played with the boys and they had a ton of fun! We are really proud of Mandy and the woman that she is.

Well I am off to bed. Have to get up early to test out the new machine!

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