Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A few pictures

This is the turtle that Papa found outside in the yard. We caught several more after this one. The boys LOVED having "turtle" there to watch.

We got the boys an inflateable pool and they had a blast. It took them a while to actually get in because the water was pretty cold. Papa finally got in with them and then they started playing and sitting in the water. That pool was a life saver when the temps got real high and they wanted to play outside. I think Iam going to try and get them into swimming lessons next year. They seem to love the water.

Riley had a blast in her pool too. She tipped over a few times and got a face full of water but none the less had a blast. She was too cute in her two piece. Luckily for her she was in the water while her daddy was at work or I am sure she would have had a shirt on for modesty! :) She is a big time water baby- loves baths pools or anywhere she can get in the wather


laura bull said...

What precious kiddos, they look like they had so much fun in their pools!! they have some pools here, but it's awfully cold. so we'll have to see. nathan loves bathtime as long as mommy's not trying to wash his hair, were your's like that? we love you all and are glad that you are in a place a little more like home for now :)
The Bulls

Marie said...

My kids love bath time except for the hair washing part too. Caleb and Ian are justnow to the point where they will close their eyes and let me rinse it off but if I take too long then they start hyperventalating. Riley lets me lean her back and doesn't seem to mind too much. We will see as she gets older. Hope it gets much better!