Friday, September 15, 2006

Ahh.. The memories

Recently a good friend had a post on her blog about getting a pink phone. The response was over whelming from all the ChiO gals out there. I think we all have a rather fond place for pink in our hearts. Then in another friends blog (who I am so happy to have found after so many years) asked about a favorite memory from Chi Omega Pi. I have a ton. Sadly, many involve people I have not seen in years, and some that are of friends that I still chat with.

One of my favorite songs has been Be Still and Know
, but listening to 75+ ladies singing it brought a whole new dimension to it. I still love singing it and can sometime hear the whole club singing in the back of my mind.

I remember looking at several clubs and trying to figure out where I fit in. The moment I stepped into that mixer, I felt comfortable. Everyone was friendly and really cared about you. One of the first ChiOs that I met (aside from Jen who I already knew) was Leslie. She was so nice and took the time to get to know me in the few short minutes we had. Then on the ride home from induction night, Molly and Sherry had the radio on, we were singing and laughing all the way to the parking lot where they introduced me to the Seminole Stomp. Every-time I hear Sugar Rays "I just wanna Fly" , I think of that time. Seeing Molly and Sherry standing on the car , moving their hips under 2 inches, makes me smile.

I have a pictures of Dee and I in our Reggae shirts and braided hair. I have several of my induction class and many more of our whole club. Photos from functions, retreats and just hanging out. Working at the Sunshine school was one of my favorite things. I think Lisa and I spent the most time together there. We really loved that place. When we distributed presents to the kids, it was a highlight every time. Seeing their shining faces and beautiful smiles was a great experience.

I guess I should use her married name now, but she will always be Hutch to me. Jen and I were able to "re-bond" if you will while in ChiOs. We had known each other since the 4th grade. I broke my arm in her garage, had crazy hairstyles with her, went through many fashion fads (that I don't care to revisit), and went through some trying times and personal growth with her. We had some rough patches in our teen years but became friends again in college. She was a big influence on my spiritual life. She still gives good advise!

Dee and I shared some crazy times through out our years there, but she was my cohort while living in the apartment. We had some good laughs there. She and I could get to laughing about anything and it would be so hard to stop. Who knows why we started laughing the first place. :) And for those of you who don't know- she makes great cal zones! Always a great friend.

And Laura, the lady who really challenged me to be the person God had planned. She was a shoulder to cry on when an engagement went down hill, and a friend to celebrate with when the marriage finally took place. She got me into christian music, and into a consistent prayer life.

I have so many memories with many other wonderful ladies..Christina, Andrea, Kate, Tracy, Kasie, Anna, Heidi, Kate M. and many more. There are too many to blog about here. I wish I could, but I am afraid my hands would fall off! :)

I may try to post more later, but it was such a fun-filled time in my life. I am a better person because of those ladies. I am a better child of God because of their friendships.

If you remember the tune:

I love Chi Omega Pi
There's no other place where I can feel such unity, bonded and yet free
I love Chi Omega Pi
We are true to God and true to self
We are one in Christ.
We know that where every we may go, we are friends for life.
I love Chi Omega Pi
There's no other place where I can feel such unity, bonded and yet free
Faithful I will ever be to you, Chi Omega Pi

Have a wonderful day!!


Lisa said...

Wow, that was a lot of fun walking down Memory Lane with you! Thank you for indulging me. So how old are your kids?? You can email me at I am so excited to have found you again!!

By the way, how do you plan to get a picture of the inside of Riley's mouth?!

Marie said...

Yea... I haven't figured out that one yet! Somehow I have to get her to smile really big and hold still. I am sure that is a possible feat for a 9 month old- right??

Lisa said...

Ha! Yeah right!!

laura bull said...

i have thought so many times during our months here how i took for granted all the wonderful times that we had in Chios. I used to complain about the meetings, and try to skip, and now i would give anything to be able to walk into a room of 100 Christian sisters, even if it's over "silly" business! I thank God for the times that we all had to encourage each other and to grow together! About the teeth pic, we always acted like we were going to give Nathan something to eat... and that mouth opened wide, and the emersons hang caden upside down for his teeth pics, and his mouth opens wide :) so just a few suggestions :) God bless!