Monday, October 23, 2006

Race For The Cure in Texarkana

This weekend Riley and I headed to Little Rock, AR to meet Marti, Emma and Garrett Welch and Kellie and Isaac Rine so we could head to Texarkana, AR to walk with Marti's mom, Cheryl. This was a special time since I have not seen my friends since our move in May. The car ride was a blast as we were all cramed into the van. When we got to Granny and Big Daddys house it was a get your energy off time before bed. Saturday morning we got up to walk in the race. We had the crew from LR plus LuLu (aka: Laura) and Tanya (Marti's sisters) and Laurie, LuLu's friend. Cheryl was the lead off walker for the non-competetive part of the race. We had a lot of fun. Garrett slept through half of it and Riley was waving like a beauty queen. Isaac and Emma rode in style, while Kellie and I worked our muscles out. :) After the race we watched as they did the closing ceremonies. I have never stayed that long at the LR race so it was neat to watch. Cheryl got to go up on stage and draw the winner for a pair of New Balance tennis shoes. She said she tried to pick one of us, but somehow none of us got them!

After the race we headed to the mall to let the kids burn some energy on the play place there. Then it was home for a nap (for all of us). Riley had so much fun playing at Grannys house. She thought she was cool stuff. Then on Sunday we went to church and then to Tanya's Bridal Shower. Let me tell you- Texarkana knows how to throw a shower! During the time we were there for every gift she opened there were 2 more brought in. It was a great time and Tan got some really neat stuff.

After dropping off the kiddos and their mommies in LR, Riley and I headed home to Nashville. It is actually only about a 5 hour drive-not 6. I am use to heading off the interstate to get to mom and dads so that adds an extra hour. Riley was way happy to see her Daddy, and Caleb was pretty supprised to see Mommy in the bed at 4 this morning!

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