Thursday, December 21, 2006

Santa? did he.....?

*Daddy and his baby girl*
*the beginings of a messy room*
*we have this down pat now*
*Cool new stuff*
*How does this work?*
* Our Little Drummer boy*

Well last night we celebrated Christmas at our house. The kids and I made cookies yesterday afternoon and then piled some on a plate to put by the tree. We had to get the kids out of the house so we could get the presents under the tree. So we did what any family would do- we went to see Santa. Now you have to realize we have not taken the kids to see Santa before. I know, I know- you are sitting there with your mouth gaping opes, that we have never taken our 4 year old before. We were always going out of town or had a small infant with us, and really never wanted to try the whole screaming thing. Last night was great. There was a little line, but it moved pretty quickly (for a Santa line). The boys went right up and sat next to him, but Riley??? NOOOOO was her comment. It came more in the form of a terrified look on her face and a huge wail. So we have pictures of Santa and the boys. No need to torture the little girl. He was not a really good Santa, by the way. There was a better one there a few weekends ago. This one didn't really interact with the kids at all. He just sat there to pose for the pictures. I was kind of sad. While we looked at the toy train next to Santa's house, we got a phone call that someone had been in our house. So we head home to see what had happened. only to find presents under the tree and stockings all filled up. The boys ate the rest of the cookies Santa left behind and then dove into the presents. It was so much fun. The boys opened one gift after another and then settled on their music sets to play with. Riley had fun with Daddy opening her gifts. She actually started opening them herself. At her 1st birthday, she was unsure what to do. She has got it now! We really only got the kids one toy this year. I knew they would get some from the grandparents, so we got them books and clothing. But they love to get clothes! They will put all their new things on and have fun trying them on. Makes it easier on me! So now today I am doing laundry and packing for our Christmas up in Kentuckiana. From our family to yours- May you have a blessed time with family and friends, filled with love and laughter. Merry Christmas!!

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