Friday, January 19, 2007

Funny Game

Yesterday morning as I was checking email, I realized that my children were playing a game they had made up all on their own. They were playing "Doe and Hunter". Basically Caleb was a deer and ran around our loop with Ian chasing him saying "pow" (or what ever other noise a young man can make with his mouth to resemble a gun). When Caleb felt it was time he would fall down and say "you got me- I'm dead". Ian would then proceed to pet him and say " Good doe...good eatin'!" Then Caleb would hop up and the chase would start all over again. If Caleb went to long then Ian would yell "I got you" and Caleb would drop like a fly. They played this game for over an hour. I couldn't help but smile!

1 comment:

laura said...

okay i am seriously cracking up at the image of those two little guys running around playing... but the dialogue between them is what's classic. these are the fun stories that you'll tell in front of their girlfriends in the years to come :) what fun!