Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Love of Reading

I have just finished reading two Liz Curtis Higgs book. I got them Sunday and I am now hunting for the next two. She has done several women's studies, but these that I read were historical fiction. They are Thorn in my Heart and Fair is the Rose, the first 2 books of 3. They are set in Scotland around the 1800's. They are based on the biblical stories of Jacob and Esau, and also Leah and Rachel. I am not a huge romance novel fan, and this does have some romance in them, but I felt like I was in with the characters. I felt their pain and anger when they did. I usually get "into" books, but this was different. It was nice to be reading of a story I already knew, but also to actually feel their pain, through Ms. Higgs storytelling. Anyway, if you are looking for something to read, I suggest these. The next two title are : Whence came a Prince and Grace in Thine Eyes. Grace in Thine Eyes continues with the same family in the previous 3 but starts a new story based on Dinah.

I have also heard that Francine Rivers and Beverly Lewis are also good reads. I have been trying to find good Christian books, fiction or non-fiction. If you have any suggestions, let me know! I have several that are waiting in the wings, but I am always looking for a few new ones.

Several of the ones waiting in the wings: Having a Mary Spirit (a follow up to Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World- also very good), A Mothers Grace, Prayer:Finding the Hearts True Home, Pathways to Purpose for Women, The Names of God, David, Praying God's Word and many more.


laura said...

Marie, I will second the Francine Rivers. As it's impossible to get good books here... I've reread my whole Rivers collection almost twice now since being here. If you like the historical fiction I would start with her Mark of the Lion series, you won't be disappointed. You should also ask Jen, she reads an author... I think it's Thoene or something like that that she really likes too. So glad to see you're getting to make some time for mommy reading too :)

Rosalie G. said...

Pathway to Purpose for Women isn't just a book but a process - best gone through slow, methodically, intentionally.

Did you know that the author Katie Brazelton trains women to become Life Purpose Coaches and you can also be personally coached in order to find God's purposes for you?

I read the book, offered to teach it and took the coaching course so that I could do an awesome job. Turns out I've been a life coach for some time informally. It is an area I'm gifted in. I went through the process with one of the other coaches which was an astounding process. I'm now teaching a group of women.

the website is if you are interested.