Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Matts Grandmother

We have a special prayer request today. Yesterday morning Matt's grandmother, Lance, was taken to a Dallas ER. The Dr's there found that she as an aneurysm on her abdominal aorta. As of last night they have her somewhat stabilized and had admitted her to the hospital. Right now they are still determining the course of action that they will take. I am unsure of Lances' age, but I believe that she is in her 70's. Please pray for the doctors to find a solution to this problem that will be as easy on Lance as possible: for Aunt Carolyn, as she is with Lance and very tired and worried at this point: and lastly for Lee and Bill (Matt's uncle) as they are not in the same town, and must rely on phone calls and prayer. We know that God will lay His hands on this situation and things will work according to his will.


jonandjen said...

Absolutely, will pray.

Kann said...

I will keep her in my prayers!