Saturday, January 13, 2007

What a Week

Did you ever just have one of those weeks where everything came together and everything fell apart? I just experienced a week like that. Of the many parenting blunders I did this week, I am so thankful that God's grace covers me. Hopefully my children will not remember the day I "lost my cool" and really yelled, hopefully they will not remember the morning I ran and hid in the bathroom for 10 minuets just to escape the "mommy!". I hope they will remember the mornings that we played and read together, the afternoons that we snuggled and watched cartoons together. I know I will remember the blunders, and will probably beat myself up about them, just because that hat I usually do ( I know- so not the healthy way to deal!). But as children usually do, they forgive me and love me anyway. And I know God forgives me when I mess up and he will always love me.

Trying to find a church to attend is the hardest thing I think I have come up against in a while. We have visited churches and found some that we really like. But then again we have found some that upon the moment entering, we knew was not right for us. So here tomorrow we visit another church, yet again. Who knew that it would take so long. I long for the kind of family we had at Levy. Everyone was so friendly, and yet I wonder, did we always treat the visitors with open arms and kindness? I hope so, because now I know what it is like to be on the other side. Just hoping that you will get spoken to after you walk in and talk to the greeters at the door. Hoping that the children's program will be good and that the kids and teachers will be nice to your children and welcome them wholeheartedly. Matt and I know what we want in a church home, but trying to find one that fits is hard. We keep praying that soon we will be placed in a church that needs our talents and that we can finally come to rest.

I started trying to get out of my comfort zone this week. I attended a Moms Together on Wednesday. It was really fun to get away for a few hours and be around other adults. In my group I have a mentor mom and a group leader. The group I am in is small (there were 4 of us there wed), but we had a great time. The kids seemed to have fun with the kids and enjoyed the time too.

As the new year begins, I try to make resolutions. Do I usually keep them? No- not many to be honest. I have good intentions, but usually get bogged down in the everyday things and soon forget them. But this year. I actually wrote them down and placed them in a place that I will see everyday. What are my resolutions, you ask? Well there is always the whole "loose the baby weight" one. That usually tops the list. But not this year. I started my list with reading everyday. I use to read all the time. After Ian came along that fell by the wayside. Along with reading everyday, I have added to pray everyday with out thinking (to just pray at that moment with whatever is on my heart), to do something for me every week- no matter how small (I am no good to my family if I get run down), to appreciate everything in front of me- good or bad, and finally to pursue God. To really get to know him and to work along side him. So I am trying to be open to all things from Him and not taking the lead to steer my own life. We shall see how these last. At least I am starting to attempt them. If I fail, then I will get back up and start all over. But I can do my best.

Such random ramblings. So many thought in my head, still unable to put them all down! Who knew a mom of 3 would have so much in her head that was not of the "preschool and under world" (well Lisa would- she always has great posts that make you think!)

Remember to pray for the church launch (tomorrow) in Bolivia and for the team in Cochabamba as they fight for the souls of the people. May God guide them in their roles to reach many of the souls there that need to know Christ. Also for the civil unrest in that area.


Indie said...

I'd love get together and hear about your church visiting. Nashville is a hard place to find a church. If you ever want to come see our church, Wed. night is fun. It is a small service and the children (mine and others) turn it into pure chaos. The priest has learned to preach with someone else's baby on hip. It's probably not what you're looking for, but it might be fun to come see. Last week M got so crazy I had to take her out. They hold the midweek service in a room that is a chapel and doubles as a cry room so it has sound piped in from the auditorium. I didn't realize that the mics in the aud. were turned on and so M's screams were amplified during the service. I was afraid that they heard me yelling at her over the mics, but Phil said that they didn't. So you're not the only one that had a breakdown and yelled at your kids.

Marie said...

Isn't is comforting to know that other parents do the same thing? There was a lady in Moes today that was telling her table of rowdy girls (all under 10) that everyone was staring at their table because they were arguing and being very loud and that they needed to tone it down NOW! I smiled and was happy at the thought that I am not the only mom out there that has to do that. It always seems that I'm the only one in the restaurant (or store) dealing with fussy children! Indie, thanks for the invite! I will have to take you up on that! Email you soon

Lisa said...

Marie, I flip out A LOT and lose my temper all the time. That is something that I'm also working on. We can do it!