Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Doing Time

Yesterday was an interesting afternoon! The boys went down for their nap real well and I thought they were sleeping. After a few hours I heard Caleb say he needed to go potty so I go up to put the ladder back up on the bed. I open the door to find "cave murals" all over the walls, the bed and the toy box. Talk about seeing red!! After letting Caleb go potty, we had a BIG discussion about not drawing on the walls, along with a certain form of punishment. I was going to run to Walmart to get the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (which I highly recommend if you have kids!), but realized that the kids love to go there. So we waiting till Matt got home (second round of talks and punishment) before heading out to get it. Needless to say we made them clean up the walls. Caleb got real tired and all I could say was "Well maybe next time you won't draw on the walls". Ian did some, but he didn't have the strength to do a lot. So no more spider-men around here for a week and the confiscation of all writing and coloring utensils permanently. Only supervised coloring will be done. The funny thing is- there were no crayons to be found in their room after I discovered the mess. Later I found 2 small, piece of corn sized, crayons that cause the destruction. It is the little things that get you! :)

*There are no pictures of the clean up- I figured that would take away from the seriousness of the work!


Neva said...

Hi, Marie,
Came to visit after stopping by Trey's blog. Enjoyed your post. Been there--done that. My beautiful, angelic, intelligent, wonderful, amazing ---son once colored our woodstove--we got the smell, the smoke and the beautiful colors. Cool, huh?
Peace to you and hope parole comes quickly.


Anonymous said...

Well, are my grandsons in boot camp? Sorry, I had to laugh (although I agree punishment was necessary). I can just see them now!! The artistic is just bursting forth! Maybe they will be Jesus painters like Mike.
Please kiss their precious cheeks for me.

Grandma Clement

Amy said...

Oh, I can't begin to imagine how much patience God had to give you to make it thru that one:-) I will try the Magic Eraser on the lotion residue lingering on my walls.