Tuesday, February 06, 2007


As you visit our blog over the next few days, you will see different backgrounds and such. I am trying to switch things up, but can't really get it all done in one setting- so it will take me a few days to get it where I like it (which might end up the same 'ole thing if I can't find anything else!) ;) So bear through the ugly colors and still visit us- it will all be over soon!


dee said...

How in the world did you and Lisa make the print bigger? I love it! And how did you switch things up, like putting your info and links on the left side? I have new blogger, not blogger beta. Is it still possible for me to have as cool a blog as you two?

Marie said...

mmm I think so. I just went into template, and then I picked a new template. You can then change fonts and colors on the template you chose (under the fonts and color heading). I added the links and stuff under Page elements. It lets you add links, text, and other things. I'm not sure if it is only on certain blogs- mine doesn't say beta anymore when I go to dashboard- so I don't know. As gar as the bigger print, it changed when I switched templates, so play around with the previews and you can see who it changes the style. Good luck- I'll try to help as much as I can! :)

Lisa said...

Dee, if you still have questions, email me, I'll tell you what I can. :)